Posted by: beckery | October 5, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment [4 days to go]

♥ M for Meanie 

E for Eric | R for Ricsung | I for Incredible | C for Crazy

Although, Eric is one of the best leaders ever, he can also be the biggest bully!! Especially towards Andy (RicDy ♥). However, when another member bullies Andy, Eric gets all protective and tells them off lol. But despite what how mean Eric is to the members, deep down we all know he cares for them heaps XDDDD

Eric: We’ve overcome all sorts of trouble and made a really special friendship.
At certain points we hit, beat, fought each other and even with other members helping,
but the most important thing was that whatever the conflict, it would never last a day.


Eric bullying Andy Eric is sooooo cute at the end. He stands there and bites the microphone HAHAHA || Eric “raping” Dongwan Well its not really raping, more like force kissing Dongwan. XDDDDD || Hyesung Falls The boys are having a sword fight on stage with orange sausage balloons and they decide to all gang up on poor Sungie and makes him fall OFF STAGE O_O And whilst everyone is trying to help him stand up and everything, Eric is literally rofl-ing. He so deserved that kick by Hyesung, what a meanie *sticks tongue at him*

Shinhwa on Happy Together Part 1. You can find the rest at the user’s channel. Andy and Minwoo tell heaps of bad stories about Eric XDD rofl. Andy talks about how he got injured during dance practice and all Eric would do is stand there and laugh at him!! Then Minwoo talks about how he and Eric went out and he got injured. Instead of taking him home, Eric calls up Andy and makes Andy piggy back Minwoo all the way home, whilst Eric goes out eating and drinking =_=


  1. ric can bully me anyday..heheh

  2. Your posts are slowly getting me into Shinhwa.^^ Chewing the mic? This guy is nuts…but pretty adorable.

  3. Kapan
    HAHAHA YES! HE CAN BULLY ME TOO! As a matter of fact, I’ll beg him to bully me lol.

    XDDDDDDDDD Thats what I’m hoping, to spread some Shinhwa love. Hahaha doesnt he look ridiculously cute chewing that mic. Oh eric <3

  4. That video of Hyesung falling is funny, but it seems like it hurts =X. Shinhwa on Happy Together is so so hilarious. ♥

  5. Lol I’m sure his alright. He looks really embarrassed though, the poor boy. And Eric adds oil into the fire by laughing his ass off =_= I loved the crazy stories they tell about eachother on Happy Together. So funny.

    Dongwan’s thimble helmet, his polluted motorbike, his skates without brakes. Hyesung’s “lock myself in the cupboard cuz I didnt do the hand motion right for the greeting” story. Eric’s evilness. Jin being all hyper. And their many attempts at doing we are shinwha greeting. Good old days *tear*

  6. Lol RicDy my 3rd fave couple of the group. Haha it’s true that Eric seems to bully Andy the most but super protective when the others bully Andy haha older/lil brother relationship :D

    ROFL at Eric raping Dongwan but you kinda expect that from him

  7. Not sure where RicDy is ranked, but pretty high up there cuz they ARE SO MUCH LOVE!! Probably RicSung, MinWan then RicDy? So yea 3rd fav haha.

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