Posted by: beckery | October 6, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment [3 days to go]

♥ U for Ultra Cute 

E for Eric | R for Ricsung | I for Incredible | C for Crazy | M for Meanie

I know, I know, “U for Ultra Cute” is cheating but there had to be a cute somewhere and this is the only way it would work XD There’s really nothing really to say, cuz everyone knows how adorable and cute this guy is. Its kinda hard to believe Eric’s hitting his 30’s next year, when you watch clips of him whinging and acting all childish to his members. Like I always say, this guy is definitely aging backwards and probably has a mentality age of 10 <3

Eric: It gets lonely when there is no one to play and make trouble with. When busying with Shinhwa activities, no matter how busy the schedules are, members will still play around with each other, however during solo activities, you will have to tolerate alone and solve your own problem. It’s really lonely.

Eric’s diary: young puppies that do not require potty-training is very rare, this little one is a genious, i will teach it to speak, i will teach it korean and english..

Eric’s Bday Cake The poor bb was hospitalized during his bday =( So he spent it making himself an ugly bday cake. He’s like a kid having an art lesson lol. || Eric scared of bugs ROFL Eric’s high pitch scream at 0.51 kills me everytime XD || Eric saying he loves Andy He uses his baby voice and its so freakin cute *squeals* || Eric with a puppy I dont know who’s cuter, him or the puppy haha. But I’m definitely jealous of it! ||  Shinhwa as 3 year olds Omg they are sooooooo adorable, I want to pinch all their cheeks XD Eric gets all awkward when its his turn but he’s really cute when he does it <3


  1. think i cant get thru this countdwn anymore huhuhu TT
    I luv him, hes more than an idol,actor,singer,model,leader,trendsetter,magician,a friend..
    Hyesung words made me apreciate things
    Wanni’s words made me think and feel
    But eric’s words ARE the ones that help me much coz he made me see the world in a simpler way…
    Altho i much love d younger eric but the present ric is the one i love most…i’ll ‘m’ you riggie!!

  2. AWWWW COME HERE AND LETS HAVE A GROUP HUGGLE!!!! I’m sooo depressed too. And what you said was really sweet and now I’m even more depressed. I hate it how the number gets less everyday and it’ll soon be a big fat ZERO AND I DONT THINK I CAN STAND IT :'(

  3. I think his birthday cake actually doesn’t look that ugly, haha xD. In that clip of him saying he loves Andy, I think Andy was saying that he’s like that only when there’s camera around, if I remember correctly, lol. Shinhwa as 3 years old is well, adorable :D. Eric’s is one of the cutest, I think ^^.

    …I’m feeling really sad too =(. And that day happens to be the release date of my exams results, which I’m sure will not do anything to brighten up my mood =((.

  4. LOL I love the fruit flower on the cake, but did he really have to put that much chocolate buttons on T_T But he was having a great time and I loved how he was like “Minwoo wanted me to make the cake like this and Andy wanted this” and then rips the paper up XDDDD

    Aww come here and join the group huggle. I still rmbr thinking that there was still heaps of time left and now its 3 days to go already. *tear*..Btw I’m sure your results will be fine :D

  5. -sighs- 3 more days or 2 depending on where you are I guess.
    I’m sad that he’s leaving, being deprived of Eric for 2 years :(
    aww Eric and his cake … chocoholic much or what? geez I don’t even eat that much chocolate in one year.

  6. babiegel
    I guess all that sweets is what makes him so hyper. I miss my boy :(

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