Posted by: beckery | October 6, 2008

JunJin’s Change Episode (feat Dongwan)

As Pinkandsparkly promised, this post is boy-related XDD

This is actually quite old but its never been subbed so a big thanks to snowwhite924 for subbing it now.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Part 1 is just a recap of all the Change episodes JunJin’s been in, so Part 2 is actually where the fun with Dongwan begins XD. Btw, this is the most failed Change episode I’ve ever seen ROFL. Jin baby, you suck! But then I guess its not his fault, his voice is a dead giveaway =_=  Jin pretends to be Chris, a Korean dancer from America, who has to teach Dongwan a new choreography.

LMAO at his dance moves. They’re soooooo weird HAHAHA. He makes Dongwan do all these really stupid moves and both of them are laughing so hard. But the thing is he’s suppose to make the moves seem “cool” and like nothing was wrong with them, so HE shouldnt be laughing. And everytime he laughs he covers up by saying “i like laughing to myself” T_T 

You have to check out his Cockroach dance in Part 3. I think I hacked up a lung from laughing so much ROFL. Its suppose to be the next “in” thing in America haha XDDD Then comes the scarecrow dance which is just as much crack lol. Its so obvious by now that Dongwan knows he’s JunJin. There were parts where Wannie was looking around and I bet he’s looking for a hidden camera. His soooooo smart *coo’s at him* hahaha.

Love the part where Jin’s gone to the camera room and Dongwan’s sitting there shouting out “Jin Ah, Come here” XDDDD Jin pretends to play it cool by calling Dongwan up and pretending to be out of town, but it ends up being so much fail hahah. He really is too innocent! So even though its all over, Shin Dong Yup makes Jin go out again and deny it till the end. SDY asks “in this situation, which one will be the trouble maker” and everyone’s like “of course its Dongwan” XD

Its soooo funny how Jin comes back out and both of them are pretending like Dongwan still doesnt know….Oh em gee, this episode was hilarious, but then again I’m eternally biased. Oh well watch it for yourself to see what happens at the end! Loved the ending, those two were being so lovey dovey. <333


  1. was laughing so hard…

  2. kapan
    XDDD I was too!

  3. Thanks for the links … haha I was laughing so hard my sides were hurting.

  4. Junjin is just too innocent to lie, lol. (And yeah, his voice is a dead giveaway!) He’s so adorable when he laughs to himself xD. ROFL at the Cockroach dance (which “Chris” supposedly spent 1.5 years developing, LMAO xD)! Dongwan is smart and was being such a good sport ^^. And Junjin.. EPIC FAIL xDDDD.

  5. babiegel
    HAHAHA SAME!! It was soooo funny XDDD

    JJ is too innocent if he thinks he can prank his members. Even I can recognise his voice let alone his members. But his so cute for trying and failing at it. Loved how DW still pretended till the end XD

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