Posted by: beckery | October 6, 2008

[News] Shinhwa Members All Get Together for Eric

[This is all too heartbreaking for me :'( Good on you boys for making it special for Eric, though I didnt expect anything less from them ]

The legendary group that has held the top spot in the entertainment industry for 10 years, Shinhwa, will have their leader Eric enter military service first and the rest of the members will accompany him to Chung Nam Non San training station, showing off their exceptional friendship.

A source close to Shinhwa on the 6th revealed, “Eric will be the first to enlist in the military out of the Shinhwa members. So on the 8th, they will all get together to have a quiet dinner together and then on the 9th they will all travel together to the training station.”

The source continued, “As much as its Shinhwa who’ve kept their friendship going strong for a decade, it seems they are all deeply emotional about Eric’s enlistment and not one to just pass by Eric’s enlistment without doing something special for him. However, whilst all members have promised to attend the dinner on the 8th, it is not clear whether all members will be able to travel with Eric on the 9th due to overlapping schedules.”

Eric will be admitted to Chung Nam Non San training station on the 9th where he will begin his military service. Eric will receive basic military training for approximately 5 weeks and then is expected to serve in general service personnel unit.

Eric was originally enlisted for the active service unit but after the accident that occured on the set of “Wolf” in 2006, the final verdict was changed to the general service unit.

The members that currently must enlist this year are those born in 1979; Eric and Kim Dongwan. Kim Dongwan is also expected to enlist shortly after Eric.

source. Money Today
translation. orenji728
credits. orenji728 @


  1. awww =) I love seeig them as a group! thank you!

  2. klamchops
    Its ok XD I love Shinhwa so hard. They truly love eachother <3

  3. aww they get to spend sometime together before they slowly start leaving. I’m glad that all will be able to attend dinner before Eric leaves at least he’ll be with those who he spent 10 years of his life with.

    =( Dongwan’s next, I heard JunJin’s going in Feb. @_@

  4. I’m glad he did aswell. Yea, the boys are slowly starting to go :(

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