Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 6, 2008

We spam because we can

We’d just like to announce that we have 1300+ readers from Singapore. Yup, that’s right, 13 and two 0s XDDDD.

Ooo, and we have some readers from NEW ZEALAND :D. Big shout-out to the Kiwis cos I grew up in Hamilton XD (no, don’t live there anymore, don’t try to stalk me XD).

Oh, and while we’re spamming, Candychu says hello; she can’t get onto imop to reply to your comments right now cos beckery changed all her passwords so she’d concentrate on studying xDDDDD

Ok, sorry for spamming. The next post will be boy-related…promise ^^


  1. HEY!

    I’m a reader from the UK!!!!!!

    Congrats on the 1300+ readers!!!!

  2. pinkandsparkly

    wow!!! 1300 readers from Singapore alone. that’s so cool! *waves back to candychu pls tell her that I miss her?!!
    just to tell u that i’m still here reading!! as always. it’s just that i’m busy with assignments and test. grrrr….. i can’t comment as often. *guilty.

    can’t wait for the summer hols and we can spazz together.
    take care girls!!!!!!

  3. boohoo not as many from Malaysia? anyways congrats, hope the number’s growing as u’re spamming! :)



  5. Greetings. Your blog also in Russia read. Sometimes… :)

  6. What about the US? :D

  7. Oh, congratulations! I am not adding to that number though. But how do you know where your readers come from? Do you have some top secret IP tracker thingie (because I don’t think that’s a WordPress feature)?

    Someone should put a password on my computer so I can focus on studying for my high school exam .____.’ Bleh, I’m so going to fail.
    And wow, Singapore~ It’s fun seeing the diversity :]
    And I wonder, how many from the US? [I’m from New York ^^]

  9. WOWWWEEEE~~~That’s uber cool
    I’m from Singapore too~~

    Keep up the great work you guys!

  10. LOL~ im a stalker from singapore! i just didnt know there were so many of us out there xP and i love reading all ur entries (:

    quick send the info to SM/JYP etc so they’ll consider holding more concerts here! we’re SOOOOOO deprived LOL

  11. Hahas, I’m from Singapore, I simply can’t believe alot of th readers are from Singapore, simply amazing, anyways, congrats :D

  12. hey..i’m from indonesia..

  13. guilty as one of the 1300+! great job keeping us from this tiny island state updated with hot stuff! :)))

  14. Haha yay Singapore (: But 1300? I didn’t even think we’d have that many kpop fans. We only have like 4 million people?! ._.

    Anyway puahaha candychu, are you finally studying? Hahaha.

  15. im from singapore too!

  16. :D Congrats on the 1300 + readers!
    Yay candychu’s concentrating now, lol though she technically can still read the blogs and just keep a journal on what/who she wants to reply on, hopefully she’ll be back soon :)
    Hehe sorry I’m not from Singapore, but you can count Canada in your list if your making one

  17. Yiyiismeq:

    DO YOU KNOW BUSTED??? Lol, they used to be my favouritest band EVER.


    Just the other day Candychu asked me on msn why you didn’t comment us anymore XD

    I can’t wait for holidays either!! ONE MORE MONTH.

    Good luck with exams :D!

    Lol, I haven’t counted Malaysia yet…’s just that Singapore’s the easiest cos its only got one star, all the other countries have a star for each city, so its harder to count ><

    HI :DD

    Wow. Russia O___O

    Potensvita is from Russia too :D

    Abc123zyx, Yumimaki and Alex:
    Go to this link here:

    Don’t think we’re lonely if you only see a few stars, its because the map gets refreshed every 1/2 days =____= But yea, if you putyour mouse over a star, it tells you the number of people there ^^

    Haha, you were the first person that came to mind when I saw the numbers for Singapore XD

    Excuse me? You’re deprived? TRY LIVING IN AUSTRALIA XDDD

    Yea, I didn’t know Singapore had so many people XD

    We’ve got quite a few indonesian fans, actually :D

    Thank you :D!!

    Yea, I was surprised too ^___^|||

    Haha, you’re definitely not alone here then XD

    Haha, yes, but she can’t comment; mwaaahahahaha XD

    Lol, scroll up to my comment reply to Abc123zyx and you’ll see how we got the figures. We didn’t stalk anyone, promise :)

  18. Oh wow, thanks! I want to use that map stats thingie – I don’t get an eighth the same amount of visitors as you, lol, but it’d still be cool to see where they come from. Thanks again!

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