Posted by: beckery | October 7, 2008

Big Bang – Number 1 MV

Credits to mochaballad @ youtube

Err not sure what to think of the MV :S I’m not being hating. I adore the boys, I love the song, I just dont really feel the MV T_T Tis not my cuppa tea. But then again I guess the whole clubbing scene fits with the song…

Some parts are pretty hot, but I would have preferred more scenes of the boys dancing in their sexy leather jackets, rather than seeing all those chicks pole dancing…Aish Seung Ri isnt even legal yet, according to Australia laws T_T. Hellooooo 17 year old dancing in the club? Tsk tsk such a bad influence!

Btw, check out GD’s glasses, they crack me up so bad XDD And err Taeyang wears sunnies to go clubbing? Its not like the place isnt dark enough =_= Otherwise the boys are look sizzling. Love TOP’s car!


  1. GD’s random afro wig cracks me up. xDD

  2. The song is catchy I guess, and I must say their English isn’t distracting at all, but I agree, the MV is not my thing. Pole dancing h0bagz sort of defeat what I like about Big Bang. Unlike many hip-hop/R&B artists they can burn up the stage on their own. Still, everyone but Seungri is legal so they can really have as many pseudo-strippers as they want…I just hope they don’t.

    So catchy^^ It’s stuck in my head already.

  3. You know at first I didn’t even notice the stripper poles but I think that’s because I was too busy trying to figure out when Daesung and Seungri got so hot. And then when I got over that and I did notice it, I was too busy laughing at the fact that the poles were plastic to be offended. I think they were a bit excessive with the shots of the girls – I really would have liked to see more of DS and SR, they got so few close ups – but other than that, I think the video suits the song and I guess that’s what matters. And as long as the stripper poles and the smexy chicas don’t become permanent fixtures of their videos, I’m good.

  4. Love the song. Especially the chorus. YB is really bringing it, ‘no?

    I thought I would dislike the vid (coz most people already do) but I don’t know. I kinda like it. The concept matched with the song. It’s actually nice to see these boy groups breaking out of the shell once in a while. DBSK stripped already. So I guess it was the natural course of things for BB bring on the stripper poles. XD!

    Hmmm. Makes me wonder what Suju will do when THEY come back…. *___*

  5. hate the song seriously! its like copy and paste of a western song. OMG i sound like a lil hater XDDDDDD I LOVE, actlly i ADORE them but… well i jst never liked their japanese songs. with u is OK, acceptable but this song i seriously think its not original. tae yang’s voice was too high. i know they’re trying to do smthg new but this jst fails. but their dressings FTW!

  6. Th song is pretty nice, but I dislike th video alot, too many girls, and not Big Bang style, th whole club thing, too much, but NUMBER 1 :D Ps, I’m random.

  7. The song’s catchy, but the lyrics are…=/

    TOP) Are you ready, in it now?
    Jump in the show / jump in and shout
    crispy and clean
    now I ” get / got ” the power
    blasting music from my speakers
    t-shirt’s fresh, ready with the speakers

    T.O.P’s “crispy”. xDDDDDDDDD

    Anyways, I still <3 them, although the song isn’t my fave of theirs!

  8. I quite like the song, but yeah, the MV isn’t my cup of tea. They’re kinda young to be clubbing, eh? And comeback of GD’s big curly wig, LOL xD.

  9. Alex Ryom
    Unfortunately he seems to really like that, so i keep seeing him wear it T_T

    The song has a nice beat, but of course thats expected of BB XD Hahaha yea I was definitely NOT feeling the MV. Less on the girls and more on the boys puh lease!

    SEUNGRI WAS SO HOT!! Especially in that suit. He doesnt even look that young. Hahaha thanks for pointing out the plastic poles. I didnt realise it till I read your comment and oh my that was really funny XDD

    Lol I dont dislike it I guess, I just dont “feel” it. And I think the girls were an unnecessary touch to the whole MV. But yea the concept did match the song, so I guess thats what really matters.

    Aww its not that bad. And no, its totally fine. Different people have different tastes so I understand if you dont like it haha. Though, if you ask me, there really is no such thing as “originality” in the music industry anymore. Everythings been used. Rnb, soul, rock, techno etc. So yea even though this song is very westernised in a sense, it doesnt mean they’ve copied and pasted someone’s idea. They’ve just used the same genre but added their own little touch to it.

    Lol yea the girls a tad too much. P.S I like getting random comments =P’s.left
    LOL the lyrics are ok. I guess we cant really expect some deep, meaningful poetic lyrics from them haha XD But yea, not my favourite song of their’s either.

    SR IS UNDERAGE TO BE CLUBBING!! Though he totally doesnt look *_*

  10. Totally agreed on Seung Ri! To think that before I became a Big Bang fan, I stayed away from them after I knew that he’s less than one year older than me. (I have this oath that I can’t like a younger guy, lol.) Daesung and Seung Ri looked hot in the MV 8D.

  11. HAHAHA I hate it when I pedo =_= But it cant be helped. His like my 2nd favourite BB member lol. Its not that bad thoughh, he’s only younger than me by like a year? =P

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