Posted by: beckery | October 8, 2008

Eric’s Enlistment [1 day to go]

♥ Shinhwa

Its been such a bittersweet week, but finally we’ve reached the end. I’ve been dreading the day for months, then weeks, then days and now there’s only one day to go. No plural, just one day. I just feel so….blank? IDEK :S Plus I just read that the boys wont be sending Eric off on the day, which makes me sad arghh…..

Anyways, this is the last post of the countdown, so I figured I’d do it on Shinhwa, as a whole. Eric’s enlistment is not only about him leaving for 2 years, but it also represents the official start to Shinhwa’s hiatus. Shinhwa: 6-1=0. 6 men who has been together for 10+ years, who has gone through thick and thin, who has bought smiles, laughter and tears to fans and who love and treat eachother like family. Kudos to their bond, their achievements and for being the longest running boyband in kpop history!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Also, a big shout out to kriza_09 for her “The Chronicle of the Everlasting Friendship” thread; Shinhwabiz; ShinhwaChangjo and Soompi for the pics etc.

P.S I’ll be a bit busy for the next few days, so I wont be replying to comments till after XD

This is going to be one long post, so prepare yourself lol!

I’ll start off with my favourite songs from each of their albums. Though, keep in mind that they debuted in 1998, which means that their first few albums were old school bubblegum kpop, but still great of course XDD Oh and please dont hotlink! 

1st albumSharing Forever I love the remix version more though. || The Solver. Again, I’m a bigger fan of the remix. Lol its actually quite funny to hear their voices so young and raw. XDDD

2nd albumT.O.P, This performance of TOP rocks my world. Wet Shinhwa boys always makes me drool haha || Forever with you 

3rd albumFirst Love. Aww this song brings back so much memories *This performance* was when Andy came back to the group after his hiatus. They were all hugging and kissing him. As they always say, if Andy didnt come back, there would be no Shinhwa today.

4th album – I have heaps of favourites from this album, so this is hard. Hmm I’d probably recommend Wild Eyes, Falling in Love, I Swear (Hyesung sounds amazing here) and Trippin’.

5th album – I dont remember any of the songs in this album, except the title track, Perfect Man and I Pray For You…weird :S Ohh nvm, I remember now. Endless love and Last Zone (the chorus is so catchy)

6th albumDeep Sorrow and Soulmate

7th album – This album, Brand New, was the first album they released after moving from SM Ent to Good Ent. It also helped them finally win the Daesang after 6 years and was the turning point in their career. I love this album (probably my favourite) and I can see why it was such a big hit. The album was focused more on dancing tracks and ballads, instead of their typical SM bubblegum pop. If you were to ask me, I’d recommend you to get the whole album, cuz it really was amazing haha. But to give you a taste of the awesomeness – Liar (I think it was my first Shinhwa song), Angel and Crazy.

8th albumWeak Man, Opportunity, You’re My Everything and of course, Once in a Lifetime (They looked absolutely gorgeous in that MV)

9th album – The last album before their hiatus. Just One More Time, my ultimate Shinhwa song. They released this song on their 10th anniversary and I remember crying loads when I first listened to it. Its so beautiful, the boys have really grown to be amazing singers. Its funny how in their earlier songs, its so obvious that Hyesung is the lead vocalist , but if you listen carefully to the latest ones, Shinhwa seems to have no lead singer. Being solo singers, the boys can now all hold down their own fort and have their equal share. It again shows that they really have matured and gone a long way…. Their repackaged song, Destiny of Love is also heartbreakingly lovely. Haha this is probably my second ultimate Shinhwa song, because the MV left a really deep impression on me. Plus, the song rocks my socks XDDD Voyage is also one of my favourites.

Winter Story albums – They’ve released 2 full and 1 Mini Winter story albums. My favourite songs from the albums are Young Gunz, Pretty, How Do I say, Redstring and Erase All of Time.


Now for photos! Some nice drool worthy material for you guys to drool over haha.


Youtube time!! I find the best way for people to fall in love with bands is to watch them in action. And really, after watching these crazy boys, I dont think anyone can resist them. They’re crazy, weird, random, dorky, childish, adorable, cute, funny, witty, gorgeous, charming and suave all in one. And the bond you see between them just makes it all more precious.

The Shinhwa boys are known for being big time trouble makers and uncontrollable. And well action speaks louder than word. See for yourself how much crack they are!! I demand you NOW! hahaha.  Crazy Interview 1 This was behind the stage, after Dongwan and Hyesung’s bday, so the boys are extra loud and crazy haha. Such a typical Shinhwa style interview || Crazy Interview 2 I loved Eric in this! He’s so batshit crazy and random. Out of nowhere he suddenly goes mole hunting and points out a mole in MInwoo’s ear, which resulted in a group “mole hunt” game ROFL. And Eric and Dongwan’s “bottle song” is sooooo cute (ahh my WanRic couple ♥) || Buckaroo Photoshoot Interview They have so much fun when they’re together! This time, instead of playing the sweet and innocent role, Andy plays the annoying role and its so funny how he pops up everywhere.

Emergency Measure No.19 – Shinhwa Cut I think Emergency Measure No.19 is some movie where the government is trying to wipe out all idol singers or something hahah. Anyways this is a cut of the boys being “tied up” and tortured so that they would reveal the location of Lee Soo Man. This was when they were still with SM I think. Its hilarious how Hyesung battles it out with the guy and totally gets trashed and is forced to reveal that SM was hiding in a cabinet hahaha wtf?

Happy Together Cut Some old cut of a game. Andy is JKFJDLJSKLJFKL CUTE HERE!!! His sooo dorky. Dongwan is such a meanie and the boys are their usual mischievous self. I laughed so hard when they purposely got themselves injured by the dishes. What idiots buahahahahh XDDDD

SBS GM Show Part 1 You can find the rest at the user’s page. This is kinda like a documentary of the boys’ life. Each part is focused on one member and shows a glimpse of their life on and off camera. Theres also clips of all their memorable moments, such as them winning the Daesang, and what they’re like during rehearsals etc. Its really really fascinating. They also showed Eric winning the Best New Actor and Popularity award in 2004. It was an amazing year for the boys <333

Shinhwa on Infinity Challenge Part 1 Find the rest here. This was hilarious. 6 crazy Shinhwa boys and 6 weird IC crew equals a show full of crack XDDDD They do “auditions” for one IC crew to join Shinhwa and for one Shinhwa member to join the IC crew and it was just so ROFL. They also play heaps of really random games. Good stuff I tell you!


Shinhwa: Being guys we had our share of fights when we were younger, but we’d resolve it soon after. But it’s because of things like this that we’ve become as close as brothers. The members exist only because Shinhwa exists. To each other, we can’t exist separately.

Eric: though I may not be old enough to say this, I can say I’ve experienced the best and worst times of my life as with Shinhwa members. That’s why we can keep our relationship going…even though we have Dongwan. ^^ so even without the contract, and even with Dongwan, Shinhwa will always be together till the end. 

Dongwan: Being in a group is like being on the same boat. The boat will move forward if everyone is rowing, but the boat will steer from the original direction if only one person is rowing.

Minwoo: Member who’s left behind, we grab hold of his hand. Member who’s at the front, shares his luck with the rest of us (laugh). That’s how we’ve gone through for 10 years.

Hyesung: Just because we’re busy doing our own things, doesn’t mean that we’re not friends. There is still a strong relationship that continues to grow in our group everyday. We’ve come a long way and we’re more than friends-we’re mentors and brothers to each other. Don’t doubt that.

Junjin: to me, Shinhwa is like home. Shinhwa is like a place where I can return to anytime, a place that exists to welcome me back at any moment..

Andy: what I wish for is that shinhwa goes on healthy and release the 100th album.



  1. T_T I’m soo sad, I can’t believe he’s leaving tomorrow
    Thanks for the week post on Eric it was entertaining to read, see his pics and watch the videos that made us love him more and more each year.
    Hehe I loved the videos you choose especially the T.O.P one ^_~ wet Shinhwa is HOT Shinhwa! Haha most of the songs you chose are my faves too.
    Thanks for all the YT links of the boys on various shows/interviews, etcs.

  2. You know what? Just One More Time is my favourite Shinhwa song too! Heck, it’s my favourite song, EVER. I agree with everything that you said; the song is just heartbreakingly beautiful and I was really amazed at how much their vocals have improved over the years. I fell in love with Shinhwa because of their personality first, but now I really have grown to love their music =].

    Thank you for doing this awesome post ♥♥♥!

    Take care, Eric! T____T

  3. ahhh. i’m sad now.

    I was never that “into” Shinhwa, and only had a few of their more popular songs, but it’s so sad to think that legend will be over/on break soon as they all enlist soon. :'(

    I will definitely miss them, and hopefully there will be enough YT links to last me for the next few years (since you guys just got me addicted to them >.<)

    Thanks for sharing so much about them and giving them one last hoorah. Good luck to Eric!

  4. thankyou for all these countdown posts ^^

    I’ve never been a fan of Shinhwa, and I don’t think I ever will with all these new boybands and old boybands that are flying right now, but you’ve left me a great impression of this long-running & successful group (:

    So, fighting, Eric!

  5. Thank you so so much for doing all this. I’m gonna miss all of them–not only Eric. So it means so much that you’re doing this for us fans. THANK YOU BEC!! ILU! <333

  6. babiegel
    Thank you for reading every single Eric post and commenting. Its readers like you that make me smile XDD I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. They were really fun to do and I really wanted more ppl to appreciate Eric <3

    Just One More Time is so much love. I actually fell in love with their songs first but not I’m more in love with their personality and their relationship together. Their bond is so unique and precious! And thank you for reading and commenting <3

    Lol I think I’ve watched every single Shinhwa YT clips there is. No joke. And they were all very very very enjoyable. I miss their appearances on show, cuz they’re so entertaining. *hugs you* I’m glad I got some ppl interested in the boys, cuz they definitely are an awesome bunch. I wouldnt trade any other band in the world for my Shinhwa boys XD

    Aww its ok. Thank YOU for reading them. I understand that it is quite hard for some fans to be interested in the boys cuz they are sorta the last generation’s band and not in the same generation as suju/dbsk etc. But I’m glad I’ve left you a good impression of them. XDD

    Thank you for reading and commenting. ILU TOO!!! hahaha. <3

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