Posted by: beckery | October 8, 2008

Rain ~ “Love Story” Teaser 1 and 2

Watch the teaser 1 *HERE*

::EDIT:: Watch *TEASER 2* GAAHHH HIS SO HOT!!! I love it when he acts angry, its sooo smexy lol.


The teaser, the photo, the clothes (that suit *_*), the hair, EVERYTHING reminds me of “A Love to Kill”. Which is awesome cuz Rain looked absolutely gorgeous as the sexy, cold blooded, mysterious bodyguard in that drama. And he looks definitely edible here too. I want more! The teaser looks really good, so action packed. Ha Ji Won is stunning as always. Man, I miss Rain so much. Glad his back <3


  1. goodness. hurray for his stylist. thank God for this nice haircut. korean hairstylist are having a bad time i guess as seen from all their crazy cutting. (micky, changmin and top’s hair are examples. LOL.)

    he’s back! :)

  2. I couldn’t stop staring at the poster when I first saw it- absolutly beautiful. Rain looks so amazing.

    the teaser is cute too!! The song from what I hear is beautiful. I’m pretty excited for his new album now. I think it’s gonna be good :D

  3. Oh! I know Rain! I’m watching one of his dramas right now, Full House. Oh, but I’m slightly confused – is this for a drama or an MV? AN MV, right? I’ve never really heard him sing but I’ll definitely be checking out this song.

    His hair does look very nice…it’s only so-so in Full House.

  4. gelatin
    HAHA. I think the hairstylists should all resign and let us take over. I reckon we could do a way better job than them right? And yes, Rain is backkk!!

    He looks soooo flipping hot in the poster AND the teaser. Yah for nice clothes and hair! I think the song sounds really good so far, though I’m not normally such a big fan of Rain’s song haha.

    OOOH your watchign Full House? I LOVE THAT!!! Are you enjoying it so far? And yup, this is for an MV lol. I’m more a fan of his acting than singing but I wouldnt mind trying this song cuz it sounds really good so far.

  5. yay he’s back to looking like he did when I first heard of him :D
    I like the teaser hopefully the whole MV will come out soon ^_~

  6. Oh yeah, I’m loving it! It’s got a great balance of humour, drama and romance. I’m only on episode 4 though.

  7. babiegel
    He looks very handsome here and I’m very very very happy! He really should be back in Korean instead of America =_=

    Ohh, its get better and better! Well to me anyways haha. Him and Song Hye Kyo (main actress) has the best chemistry ever! I love those two <3

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