Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 8, 2008

Rain’s “Love Story” + Kim Junghoon’s new PV

I thought i’d just mush these two things together.

Video: Safari100001 @ Youtube

I had no idea Rain’s full song was out! I was never a huuuuge fan of his songs (I prefer Rain as an actor, personally) but this song’s really good, imo :D I like the R&B feel to it, and I can’t wait to see the full version of the mv :D!

Video: wanwanmimi @ Youtube

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a huuuge Kim Junghoon fangirl? Well, I am XD. Anyway, the mv’s really cute. KJH’s kinda like a hot male Mary Poppins with his red umbrella. Except I didn’t really understand the whole “cars flying past” thing XD. But he looks reeeeally good, so who cares :P

Beckery: LOL doesnt Pinkandsparkly sound superficial =P What she was MEANT to say was that not only is he absolutely gorgeous eye candy, but the song is also very very nice!! Genius boy can never do wrong, well in my books anyways XDDDDDDD


  1. Thanks for having the link up :D
    I’m like you I prefer Rain as an actor (hope he does another K drama soon) than as a singer. I’m liking this song though, maybe it’s cause I haven’t heard him sing for awhile now IDK. I can’t wait to see the full mv though.

    I didn’t even know that he had a new song out @_@ Lol at the “hot Mary Poppins” I love his voice & he looked really good in this :) The lil girl’s cute too though I didn’t like how they had her hair pigtails would have suited her better.

  2. Like both you and babigel I love Rain as an actor, and only a few songs of his I like. This one however I’m loving so far. I’m more excited for this album than I thought I would be : )

  3. Oh wow, Rain’s single is really good! I didn’t pay too much attention to it when I watched the trailer – was too busy watching the dramatics – but now that I listen to the whole thing, I’m really impressed. I really like his sound, it’s very smooth. Thanks for posting this!

  4. you should’ve put rain’s song up with bec’s post :PP i got a bit confused when i saw love story twice XDD

    but i bet you two will just ignore this comment … unless you’ve approved this account before then maybe my comment will show?


    uh-oh, guys. this is bad. REAL BAD.

    k, I promise I won’t do it again >__<

  6. CANDICE!!!! T_T I have no idea how that got thru but if PAS approved it, I shall kill her. No more YT, no more Soompi, no more AF and definitely no more IMOP for your.

  7. LOL I sent you an email. Not sure if you’ve received it or not but I can’t get onto soompi anymore so I’ll assume you’ve changed my pw. Except I can still get onto AF … ?


    Ok Friends is on now :)

  8. HAHA My bad! I was replying to your email whilst changing your pw, so I think I put the new pw as your current pw which didnt change anything T_T Anyways, all fixed, now you cant even go on AF to listen to ppl sing =P haha, you really are thpethal XD

  9. THANK YOU <33

    I’d reply your email but then I’d be telling you more of my life’s stories along with my mother’s and grandmother’s and my cousins and what not. So I’ll tell you now that I love you and I will go kick people’s butts in my exams.

    And I’ve totally been spamming PAS’ inbox (though not rly since she doesnt even check our imop a/c =.=”) and not having said anything to her so here goes: Hello PAS!! ILU2 <3

    (Don’t reply to this comment cause then I’ll know not to come back on and check ^^).

  10. I loove rain as a actor<3 he looks fantabulous with that new do though. Ahh~ glad he got his experimental days over lmao.

    JOHN HOON KYAA<3 Hes my wonderful lover lmao.
    I have a HUGE picture collection of over 200 photos of him.
    But I loove this song. This song is soo going to go in my karaoke collection haha.
    He’s so cute, smart, and really sounds good in Japanese. So perfect haha.

  11. OMIHAW!
    kim junghoon!!
    thanks for the update! i was so immersed in bigbang, suju and shinee that i kinda forgot my love for kim junghoon!
    thanks for reminding me how wonderfully lovable he is.
    gawd, the song is stuck in my head.

    (he’s the perfect guy… intelligent. handsome. sings well. and is a good actor.)
    JUNGHOON! <3

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