Posted by: beckery | October 9, 2008

And off he goes..Bye Bye for now, Eric

We love you ♥

I’ve said and done everything I’ve wanted to say and do. I’ve proclamined by undying love for him. I’ve spread the Eric love as much as I can and shared his awesomeness to the rest of the world. And now all I can do is say goodbye (for now), I love you and I’ll miss you bb!! Have fun, enjoy your break from the entertainment world and stay safe and healthy. But most importantly, come back a better, hotter and healthier man.

I cant promise that I’ll wait for him for 2 years and that I’ll wait for Shinhwa’s return after 3/4 years, because lets face it, thats a long time and who knows what will happen then. However, I will promise to wait for them as long as I possibly can. Because they’re the ones that bought me into fandom and they’ll always be my first and top kpop love. Shinhwa fighting! XD

P.S I loved Eric’s long hair, why did they have to shave it off T_T
P.S.S Eric Mun! Mun Jung-hyuk! I cant believe you didnt end up releasing an album. >.< 
P.S.S.S How depressing, this is the last time I’d probably be using my “eric mun” tag!


  1. hurting but i’m glad he’s healthy and smiling…..

  2. calm down. ^^ time will pass and when they come back as ShinHwa I will be ready to read all your fanatic post. ;3

  3. kapan
    Me too :( *hugs you*

    Haha honey, YOUR suppose to be doing these fanatic posts with me =P But you’ll be waiting with me yea *clings to you*

  4. …him not releasing a solo album just shows how much SHINHWA means to him.. thats his MUSIC.. he’ll forever support his dongsengs in their music careers but will happily wait for them to unite to become the rapper Eric… <3 im falling in love with him more and more!!

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