Posted by: potensvita | October 11, 2008

One More Time, Ok? ????

I am very surprised that SeeYa’s Nam Gyu Ri, Wonder Girls’ Sun Mi and BEG’s Ga In did a cover on the Grace’s One More Time, ok? song.

From the title, I wasn’t at all impressed. The best out of all three of them would be Sun Mi. Let’s talk about their costume…. Sun Mi’s was fantastic (where can I buy that?) and the other two was a bit off the target. The dance coordination was out ….. and well, I am practically not impressed. The only one that got my attention is Sum Mi. lol.

Oh, well.

judge it yourself.

credit : wondersmurf @ youtube


  1. basically i thought the song is not good enough in the 1st place, maybe they should do dance in the rain
    agreed on sun mi pwn all of em, she own the stage with her hair, costume, moves etc. and she’s 16?! dear lord

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