Posted by: beckery | October 12, 2008

121008 DBSK wins Mutizen on Inki

Credits to stberry21 @ youtube

Mirotic Perf + Winning Award

WOOOOOOOOOO!!! The boys snatched another award XDD Who knew it was comming, put you hands up!!!! *raises both hands and bounces in my seat* lol. Though I think the boys really should get more rest, the performance wasnt exactly top notch. But dayam, Junsu with red hair is hot *_*


  1. did you really mean that ? the perf wasn’t top notch ?

  2. bobacha
    Yea I did XD I’m not saying they sounded horrendously horrible, but I think we’ve all heard better from the boys haha. I think I heard Jae’s voice crack at the start and they all look and sound very tired. And of course thats a given, with their hectic schedules and all. I just think they should get some rest <3

  3. well, i think that the song was difficult for them to sing, especially because they were dancing. and i tihnk they did a good job considering that fact. they should get more rest thou. ^3^

  4. xueqir
    I agree, the song is quite hard to sing when they’re dancing etc and I dont forget the fact that they’re sick. I’m not saying they’re shit. Just not one of their best. The boys need rest! NOW! lol XD

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