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DBSK on Happy Together

A big thanks to micktoho for subbing it! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4. Part 2 and 3 hasnt been subbed yet, i’ll edit it in when it has! You have to turn on the “CC” button (the triangle symbol near to the volume) to turn the subs on XD

PMS’s (Park Myung Soo) Yoochun styled “square-root” wig is so funny lmao and Yunho is infinitely cute in his towel hat XD They start off with Yunho dancing to Mirotic (which looks kinda comedic with his towel and clothes and all lol) and turning the sauna into a “club”. Jae’s expression when the girl comes up to him and starts grinding is priceless!! He kinda looks at her, freaks out and starts hopping towards Yoochun ROFL. They then ask Jae to do his impersonation of Tae Jinah and he totally fails with the squeak high note at 3.43 :D The show starts off pretty slow, but judging from *this* (ouch, the poor boy. Never fear Beckery is here XD) and *this* (ROFLMAO!!!), I’m sure it gets much better.

Does anyone know the girl on the show that has a big crush on JJ? She’s sooo peculiar lol. He even goes “I’ve never been on a show where someone’s odder than me”, which definitely shows you how weird she is hahaha.

Omg, totally random story but I just realised that one of the guy on the show is H-Eugene. What a coincidence cuz Pinkandsparkly and I were just talking about him. He just released his mini album and the songs 그댄 내 가슴에 ft Danny (1Tym) and Baby, I love you ft Ye Eun (Wonder Girls) on it are great! Do give it a try XD Anyways, back to the show haha.

So it turns out H-Eugene and Yunho know eachother and they’re asked to do freestyle rap. Yunho’s “perpect” is so adorable HAHAHA. But nothing beats Mc Yoo and PMS’s rap ROFLMAO. Those two are hilarious! Then JJ talks about how they once saw H-Eugene’s name and thought that it was Eugene (from SES) who was going to be on the show, but it turned out it was some “weird guy” hahaha. And everyone proceeds to ask Yunho about his crush on Eugene (seriously, who doesnt love the girl. Major girlcrush right here XD). Of course since they’re on the topic of Yunho’s crushes, Jeon Ji Hyun’s name just has to pop up somewhere and they ask him who he would save if both the girls were drowning. I was actually expecting either a really dorky answer or a romantic one, but he came up with “neither of them” just cuz he cant choose =_= Lol so he would let them both die cuz his having a picking dilemma?!?!

JJ then talks about how fans touch them when they’re walking through crowded places like the airport. The way he describes it is really disturbing :S Apparently, each member has their “best traits” aka best body part where fans would be trying to touch. For Junsu, its his butt (which not only gets touched but is squeezed as well. HAHA JJ’s imitation of the action totally killed mehz) and for JJ its his arms or chest, so when they’re walking they would feel someones hands touching that part but they dont know who cuz theres so many hands everywhere and they cant see faces. SEE! HOW DISTURBING IS THAT!??!?! Its practically like they’re getting molested by unknown faces :SSSSSS

Yunho’s manga stories (especially story 2) in Part 3 was sooo funny ROFLMAO. Cuz the boys travel alot, they rent out mangas to read and since they’re always out of the country, they dont return it in time so they end up paying huge late fees. So once, Yunho decided to register it under a Suju members name but even before he got to do so, the owner said to him that he owed $200 in late fee. It turns out a Suju member had already registered under Yunho’s name HAHAHAHAHA. Dont you feel the love oozing out of the two groups? XDDDD

Yoochun talks about his placard story and if you havent been laughing at the Yunho/Suju story then you’ll definitely laugh at this! Yoochun was actually really quiet throughout the whole show so he was either sick and tired and didnt talk much (poor bb), or the pd cut him out alot =_= But then his story totally made up for it. The placard he showed was so funny hahaha. And his reenactment of the situation was hilarious! Go watch it, its at the end of part 3!

The beginning part 4 is so random. JJ and PMS takes turn spewing out all these random jokes, which are either hilariously lame or just downright weird lol. They then have that sauna karaoke game and omg YOOCHUUUNNN!!! HAHAHAHAHA He had to make PMS laugh again and omg I dont even know what to say at his makeover. I was kinda freaked out cuz the makeup is really scary, but I also bursted out laughing when he started singing. :DDD I feel really sorry for sexy, baby kjj at the end though :(


  1. i was able to watch part 1 and 4 and OMG I LOVE HYPER JEJUNG <3

    But that girl better watch it lmao, i kidd XD

    *off to watch parts 2 and 3*

  2. OMG PART 3 ! Trainee days hardships! I EFFING WANNA HUG JJ T_T

  3. Yay spammer-i-am XD

    Just thought this might interest you: Mirotic parody: “Moronic” XD

  4. XD ohh the make park myungsoo laugh was hilarious.
    I was like “lmao im cracking up already…the singing just made it worseXDDD”

    lmao suju renting out with DBSK’s name was funny. I can imagine its probably Eunhyuk who used Junsu’s name xD

    I adore Eugene too<3 Esp. since after watching Wonderful life.
    Well I gained my crushes from that drama too<333 Kim Jae Won and Lee Ji Hoon. Ahh lol.

    PMS looks good with that wig tho hahaah.

  5. querubin
    Yea JJ’s story was sad :( And I’m in depression so it made me even more depressed. Which is why I didnt talk about it cuz it’ll make me even sadder. Ok, did any of that make sense? :S Yea dont mind me, just going a bit crazy XDDDDD Btw thanks for the link, I’ll watch it later when I have time!

    YEA!!! I was thinking that Eunhyuk probably used Junsu’s name too *hi5* Great minds think alike XDDD

    Oohh I LOVE KIM JAE WON!!!! He’s probably somewhere up my top actors list cuz his all kinda of awesomeness. AND HIS SO CUTE!! Have you watched his movie “100 days with mr arrogant”? That was one of the best movies ever! Haha I really like LJH too, but I like him as a singer more than an actor XD. Actually I havent watched many of his dramas. He totally rocked when he was in Group S with Kangta and Hyesung though <3

    I’ve watched Wonderful Life. Its ok, a bit draggy, not really a favourite of mine. But KJW was so hot there and their little girl (played by Jung Da Bin) IS SO CUTE! I totally adore her haha. If your looking for a really good Eugene drama, I would recommend “Save the last dance for me”. Its so sad. One of my favourite kdrama XDD

  6. ahahah yay<3 I just love their hate-love relationship lol.

    YES<3 ahh I miss him acting! I saw his movie, 100 days with mr. arrogant which at first I was like “Ew he looks awful” XDDD but I liked him in Jung Da Bin’s drama as the doctor so I rewatched it and I was dying like “YAY omg hes soo cute” lol. Lee Ji Hoon has a nice voice<3 Its soo soothing. But I really loved him in “Hello! Miss”<3 He was hot, rich, cute, and honest lol.
    Group S was an amazing group<3 I loved their parody for F4 lol.

    Yeah wonderful life was draggy in the middle. But Jung Da Bin’s cuteness and Eugene saved me lol. Ohh yah I heard about “save the last dance for me”<3 Maybe I’ll check it out.

  7. Ir
    LOL Yea “100 days with Mr Arrogant” was like one of his first movies? But I loved the plot, he was soooo funny in it. Yea I saw the one with him being the doctor too. Doctor Jae Won is sooo sexy…I started watching Hello! Miss but I never finished it lol. Suk Jin is sooo cute too! I dont know why I never finished it haha.

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