Posted by: beckery | October 13, 2008

Rain ~ Love Story MV

The full MV is out. Watch it it *HERE*

I’ve watched my share of Korean MVs and most of the time I understand the plot of the MV (even without subs). However, I’m completely befuddled with the story this one is trying to tell…Maybe I killed all my brain cells in the past few days (=_=) haha. So if some dear soul would like to break it down for me then I’ll shower you with lollies XDD

Ok, so Rain is an asassin? (or is he a bodyguard?) and he gets hired to kill? (or is it to protect?) the big boss. Ha Ji Won happens to be the boss’s “girl” and err they fell in love at first site? He then stalks her and then pays for her when she forgets her wallet. And because of that she takes him home and lets him live with her O_O WTF? OR is that part the kinda “before” scene and they’ve actually been living together before he saw her with the boss. But he never knew what she was doing until he saw her with the boss and found out she was the boss’s girl? IDEK ROFL.

The last minute of the MV made my brain explode though. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS HAPPENING!?!?!? Rain and HJW have a fight and suddenly Rain goes on a violent, killing spree where he just does a lot of action moves and kicks alot of people’s butt.  Then there’s the random kissing scene and HJW crying out of nowhere. Haha seriously, all I see is a blur of blood, fly kicks, punching and a dying Rain. I’m thinking that there’s going to be a 2nd part? Cuz seriously, that last part just went bam bam wheewwwwww~~~ No idea whats going on. Hence the many question marks throughout the post hahaha XDDDDD

Ohh but RAIN IS SO HAWT HERE!! AND DFJLKSJFKLSFJ CUTE! I love how he acts all dorky *_* That butt wiggle when he was lying on the couch was adorable ♥ And when HJW was vacuuming him the ground and he was crawling everywhere and scratching his butt XDDDD

BTW I’ve gone and replied to all the comments and I’m back…for now. Well until the end of this month anyways, so will be updating regularly. I know, your jumping with joy arent you =P


  1. i am insanely bored. you have no idea.

    i watched it for the second time and i think i get it a tad more…this is *my* view of it:
    it starts off with rain being asked to kill someone and in walks his old love (jiwon) who is with some big guy now and it flashbacks to when they first met. rain saw her and thought “omg shes beautiful” so he helped her pay when she lost her wallet and then he was like “btw, i have no home. let me live with you”

    then in present time (or is it the past after a bit of time has passed? lol) and he looks uber pissed at jiwon and storms into the house saying “what are you doing? get in”. but hes totally bipolar and starts being cute again but he’d also just sit around and not care about her feelings and eat noodles while she sulked on the couch.

    then its like present present time and he had to drive her around as instructed by the big ppl and thats why hes all “whered you get this car from? i can buy it too” blah blah blah. and shes like “you’re still the same” or something like that and then hes like “OH NO U DIDNT” and went and killed everyone.

    ok back to work now. btw, im doing a creative writing piece xD.

  2. Alright, so I kind of followed the story…but OMG why is she so pissed off?!
    If I had an adorable Rain wiggling on my couch, and eating my ramen, and wearing my capri-pajamas and watching my movies and being vaccuuumed by me, I would NOT be pissed off at ALL. I would hug him. And snuggle on him. And feed him. ^^
    And that last thirty seconds when he went psycho…? Um? That made no sense, but I guess if I made a music video, I would totally add in some Bad A fight scenes and kill off my character. I guess that only works in Korea because Britney Spears did that once in the U.S…drowned herself in a bathtub in that music video to “everytime” and the fans/nation went berserk until she made a second one and lived…
    Alright. I have an english class to attend…but OMG my morning is happy with all those images of Rain jumping on cushions!!

  3. keybum aka freak
    LOL thanks for the explanation. PAS said pretty much the same thing I think, but whatevers I still dont really get the ending. HAHA I’m so much fail XD

    I KNOW RIGHT! He is soooo cute when he’s at her house. All those butt wriggles and adorable faces. *_* Hahahahaha your so funny. Yea its such a typical Korean MV =_= They just add in random blood and fight scenes to make the guy look like a bad boy, cuz they know us girls love bad boys. Especially when its sexy, bad boy Rain *drools*

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