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We Got Married Ep 28.

Watch PART 1 and the rest is at jeanyganda’s channel!

I’ve been meaning to watch this all week cuz it’s AnBi/AnSol’s last episode :( I really, really liked those two and it was interesting to see how they developed their relationship along the way. The way Andy was quite shy and cold at start and how gets warmer. He really has opened up alot to Solbi. I adore Solbi ♥, she’s done alot for Andy, so lets hope they’re going to bring this relationship behind the cameras instead =P Hahahaha

JoongBo couple
This was when we didnt know which couple was going to leave, so all the couples are having their last moments together. JoongBo decides to “laze around” the house and HJ suggests he calls a friend. HJ’s friend tells Hwangbo that HJ says that she’s the “prettiest” and HB’s reaction is SOOO FUNNY! She does a victory dance which got me laughing like crazy.

Then when HJ said his friend was lying, HB gets all depressed and starts chucking a tantrum. She then proceeds to give him a lecture on it. It really felt like a mum giving her son a lecture, especially when HJ is sitting there by himself like a kid that got busted lol. This is why these two are awesome XDDD The two then have a cold war where they’re fighting over their “territory” HAHAHA. OMG WHY IS HJ IS CUTE!! OH AND SMART! I loved how he swiftly thought of a plan to get his territory back lol.

They then have dinner and HJ suggest they drink suju and he imitates HB when she’s drunk which was so retarded haha. HB then says really touching things to HJ and in the black room. She really is a sweet girl <3

Afterwards, HJ says he wants to do the mission which is “bobo” XDDD They both get really awkward and want to drink more soju. HJ is infinitely cute here. He wipes his face to get rid of sweat then he closes his eyes and starts chewing on the stem of a lettuce leaf, like a rabbit ROFL. HB asks him if he has to say anything to his fans before she kissed him and he is such a dork lol. I especially love it when he said “if you leave oppa because of this, oppa will get mad!”. ♥ The kiss moment was really cute. He even has a lipstick mark left from it XDD Their ending talk was really cute. They were wishing eachother good luck etc. I’m so glad they didnt leave the show though. They make such a funny and cute couple! ♥

AlShin couple
OMG ALEX IS SO ROMANTIC!!! He dedicates a song for ShinAe at his concert and he goes “Shinae, can you see well”, which is sooo sweet! Then he goes “where are you looking! Look at me!” *fans self* No wonder he’s known as romantic guy!! For the encore he sings “Flowerpot” which is pretty much AlShin’s song! But Alex gets all teary and the fans sing it for them, which was really touching. Such a shame, ShinAe missed that part :(

After the concert, Alex prepares a really really REALLY SWEET event for Shinae. Can I just say again that THIS GUY IS AMAZING!!! Its like a scene from a movie and skfjdkjsdk I’m so jealous. “I think I’m lucky to be able to sing in front of the 2500 fans and even happier that you were sitting amongst the 2500”. I think I’ve melted into a puddle of goo ♥ Tell me again why these two arent getting married? haha.

Crown J and In Young
Firstly, can someone please tell me what in the world SIY is wearing?!?! It’s like a bag =_= Anyways, SIY demands they go shopping and they end up going to this antique jewellery place that looks really expensive lol. CJ totally freaks out when he finds out the prices and goes checking thru his wallet for money haha. In the black room, he confesses that he has no money these days and looks really awkward about it. Poor boy! Lol they keep arguing about it and how he keeps buying bling bling, which is why his growing broke XD Sounds like me, except I keep buying random stuff lol.

They come home and SIY whinges about how its her bday and he didnt prepare her bday food. Its so funny how he brings the kimbap out. He then complains about how he doesnt have any money and asks to borrow money XDDD He looks really depressed though. I wonder what’s wrong with him :S

But wow CJ does a really sweet surprise event for SIY. The little water “lake” filled with rose petals and the seat in the middle is really sweet and movielike. Haha no wonder they called him Alex’s student XD He even has this little remot control boat with a present inside. Awwww why are all these guys so romantic?!?!! SIY gets all teary and I love when she’s in the black room and talking about it haha. That girl really is special! :D And they’re all lovey dovey again afterwards <3  

Awwww they come back to the poor place where they once filmed at. I still rmbr that episode, they were so cute XD They both look really good here! HAHAHA at Andy’s embarassed face when he didnt successfully break. And then him talking to the pool stick was so cute *pinches his cheeks* Man Solbi is so pro at pool *_*. It took me and my friend 3 hours to finish a game last time cuz we absolutely sucked at it. I dont think I’ve ever seen so much fail in my life lol.

Andy ends up winning and Solbi has to kiss him. I love how he sits on the corner and poses and waits for her to come kiss him XDDD. SEE! They’ve gone a long long way. He looks really excited after her kiss. Awww IM GOING TO MISS THEM SO MUCH!!!  

They go to this fountain/park place at night. Its really sweet how they’re so couple like. Just holding hands walking around, sitting there drinking beer and joking and talking. Its so simple, but it really gives off a nice vibe, very endearing. Andy writes a message on Solbi’s hand and goes “Even without oppa, make sure you eat well. Try to be healthy and be well”…and Solbi starts tearing up. *tears* Its sooooo sad!!

When Andy starts talking about his feeling, I actually started to get teary. Solbi cries alot and even Andy starts crying too :'(((( Shin Ae, HwangBo and even, SIY in the studio gets all teary aswell!! Its so touching. Solbi cries so much in the black room and everything she said was just very heartbreaking. Aish, I feel like I’m watching some tragic kdrama *cries* THOSE TWO HAVE TO GO AND GET MARRIED RIGHT NOW!!! They must get married, have babies and live happily ever after. ♥♥♥ I wish them both of luck for the future. I really hope they can come back after they’re done with their busy schedules. <333


  1. Umm, “bobo” is actually popo! xDDDD

    Such a shame, ShinAe missed that part :(

    She actually missed that on purpose, sad huh! T.T
    OMFGSH, Alex should spike his hair in the front and wear galsses more often, he looked so DSJFKLEKAEWKASEFADSK hot! (Haha, my sister and I //<) and poke them until they fell in the lines. Then we got bored and beat each other up! xDDD, we sound so crazy!

    AnBi is gone! TTOTT I cried in real life so hard! (Random question: Did you read CBU or April <3’s Black Coffee on Soompi? I cried SOO much!) hope that they get together in real life and when he goes to the army (TToTT), Solbi comes to send him off!

    The new couples seem so funny! LOL, Marco and his really bad attempt at dong that leg move! Tch, Hwanhee is such a… Minwoo song! xDDDD , I mean the song “Don’t Trust Men” because he seems so player like! Yayy, EunTeuk are coming (or came because 29 just aired) as Super Uncles!!

  2. EDIT.

    (Haha, my sister and I <3 guys in glasses //<)


    happy early Canadian Thanksgiving! xDDD

  3. BTW, you should link to MarriedSub’s channel, because they’re the OFFICIAL providers of Muish’s subs. I spammed today and I’m hyper!


  4. OH!! i love love love this show..especially when it’s on these two.
    i like the part when solbi’s parents dropped by for dinner and andy was sweating profusely >.< i think he will make an adorable husband =)

    HAHAHA Your so cute XDDDD Yea their goodbyes were so sad, I was crying too! We’re such cry babies haha.

    OMG YES YES YES! If CBU = Conversations Between Us then YES I’ve read them both. My all time favourite fanfics <333 They were both really well written and very sad :'( I got teary in them too XDD

    I really like the Hwanhee and Hwayobi couple. He is such an ass to her, but she’s so cute to him. I cant wait to watch more of them!

    I like the show too, but I havent been watching all the episodes cuz of uni T_T But I really liked the episodes I have watched XDD Lol Andy is sooooo adorable and it makes me sad they’re leaving :'(

  6. I finally clicked on the link and watched this.

    OMG that was so sad T__________T. I actually teared up while watching.

    Did Ansol decide to separate because they’re busy with their schedules, or because they realised that they’re in too deep and wanted to stop so that they wouldn’t end up hurt?

    They need to go out. Like, FOR REAL.

  7. Yea, its hard not to go teary when you see Solbi crying her eyes out, then Andy getting teary. Plus, all the girls in the studio were crying too :'(

    Well, they said that its because of busy schedules, but who knows? Maybe they want to take it behind the public XDD I do hope so <3

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