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081011 ETN Asia Song Festival – SHINee Cut

Hi guys! It’s been a while ;____; Studying has turned me pretty crazy and so I begged beckery to let me do this one post (even though I have like a gazillion other SHINee videos to share – but we can’t be greedy! I’ll probably end up shoving them all in one long post later next month because even though I’m sure you’ve all seen them by then, I still like to have a little spazz).

| Part 1 | Part 2 |
In HQ!!!! Thanks so much to shineesubs for all their hard work!! I really ought to leave more thank you comments on their channel XD.

It starts off with Brian (!!!) and a female MC (I’m sorry, I have no idea who she is) and he speaks English alskjflaskjflkasdj. He gives hints that SHINee are up next and my favourite would be “because of them, many girls are trying to become a oxygen like woman” LOLOL. Though some of us don’t need to try that hard … hehe jks.

Congrats to them for getting “The Best Newcomer Asian Award”. The footage they play isn’t anything we haven’t seen before but they’re still as hot as ever!!! The performance of “SHINee World” was the longest I have ever seen and it was awesome. It’s also the second time hearing Minho’s full rap and I absolutely love the choreography during his rap!!! It’s quite messy (maybe that’s the camerman’s fault) but I like how whoever Minho is rapping about is the one up and dancing. And I especially love LOVE when it’s Key’s turn cause he goes up to Minho and they do a hip thrust and all my financial planning & management that I’ve studied just goes out the window. Like with all their songs, I always have a favourite part I like hearing. In this one, I love hearing Taemin’s “booming system” and Onew’s “SHINee 세계”. The characters for “world” actually sounds the same in Chinese and so I like hearing them cause I understand :) Jonghyun sings it “SHINee 세계” too, btw. Also, did anyone else find Minho’s “We’re living in the SMTown” incredibly sexy? His voice was like raspy O_O.

Then it’s Replay (Boom Track)! I’ve actually been watching a lot of performances that I’ve downloaded (procrastination FTW!) so it’s not like I’ve missed it that much. But I was a bit disappointed with them not performing that in their Medley. I was happy to hear the music but then straight away it cut into “One For Me” (which was awesome, btw) so that was a little sad. Speaking of Replay though, I watched one performance and Jonghyun made a mistake!!! It was really funny cause I just so happened to be watching him and I was like “HEY no one else was doing that!!” XDD. The camera really sucked for this performance. It was like off in the distance during the cool bit and when it was Key’s body roll, it was filming from the WRONG angle. I have seen like a billion Replay performances but only three of them have let me watched Key do his roll T_T

Then they talk and it’s so cute and embarrassing as Onew points out! I love Minho asking Key “Do you know where we are” and he answers “Of course! I’m the Almighty Key” Indeed you are!!! And then my favourite, ROMANTIC!!!! They don’t sing the whole song though but it was still an awesome performance <333 Ooh this reminds me. Have you guys noticed how even though Taemin sings alone in the studio version, whenever it’s his part, Jonghyun always sings with him (which is really nice)? It was a shame the camera focused on Jonghyun in this one though because they are, afterall, Taemin’s lines. Onew is all sweaty and practically glows *____* and Key’s earring was so sparkly. I have to complain though. I don’t like it when Key sings “heart” as “art” because he does it fine in the studio version. I love the JongKey part and Jonghyun’s high notes, omg! They never cease to amaze me!!!

They go straight into “Graze” AND OMG KEY’S VOICE CRACKED OMG LOLOLOL. It’s even funnier than Onew’s cracks because he made some strangled “oooh” straight after AHAHAAHAHA *DIES*. I strained to hear Taemin sing, though. He really should be more confident! Because his singing has improved in their “Love Like Oxygen” performances. He’s louder and no longer takes in huge breaths in between every.single.syllable. And I know with a lot more practice, he’ll be a much stronger singer. Taemin hwaiting~! I still can’t stop staring at Onew’s sweaty face. HES REALLY SWEATY LOL and I’m finding it very attractive XDD. AND THEN THE RAP THE ENGLISH RAP KEY’S RAP OMG :DDDDD.


And then they perform Love like Oxygen :) Which reminds me of another thing. After watching their nth performance of their song, I finally saw Onew flip the chair (you can see it in this one too!!!!). If you, like me, have seen almost every single performance, you would’ve noticed that after they put the three chairs together and Key sits down on it, whenever Jonghyun puts one chair back to the original spot, he always has it facing the back even though it ends up facing the front again. And every time, I look hard to see Onew flipping it and finally, I saw it happen because the cameraman was being nice to me. It’s their Music Bank performance from the 12th if you wanted to watch it :) Taemin’s spin at the end was crazy fast that I think it even surprised him. His face at 2.53 was so funny XDD.


  1. Wow. That’s some epic post. Studying really turned you crazy.

    Oh wait you’re already crazee to begin with. XD! I kid. *hugs you* Good luck with the exams! <3

  2. This is my first time leaving a comment! haha :p

    I’m glad you chose to talk about this for your long and spazzy pre-exam post because it really is spazz-worthy <3
    I loved every bit of it and yess I noticed everything you noticed too!

    *flails with you*
    Yessss I am super glad that they’re releasing a repackaged album with a new song! Although since it’s at the end of October, I wonder whether I’ll be able to get it by mid-November which is when I’ll finally have time sigh. In any case, that was REALLYYYYY good news from Key <33

    Oh and lastly, good luck for the exams! <3

  3. I was brought to surprise when I saw your post! lol
    But I’m glad you did this one coz I missed having SHINee here! XD

    When Key cracked, I can’t help myself but laugh! I’m never watching that vid again coz I feel bad that I laughed so hard.. harder than when Onew cracked!hahaha

    akskfha;khfdahfaskfjh repackage album and new song!
    Can’t wait for it.. New song means new mv!! i hope so.. hehe

    And goodluck with the exams!!!

  4. Good luck with the exams! I haven’t watched this yet but will do when I get home :) I haven’t seen the last few Shinee videos and I think I’m a bit deprived :(

    p.s totally off topic but FT Islands MV’s came out …

    part 1

    part 2

  5. about the Love Like Oxygen perf, I saw once of how Onew flipped the chair back facing front in Inkigayo 21st Sept, the one that they won the Mutizen award and Jonghyun cried..^^

  6. Oh hello my fellow Mrs Kimkey x) I missed your SHINee post, but it’s okay since I’ve been studying too :B

    Asdfghjkl, I bought the new album alrd~! Repackaged?! Not now D: But yay for the new song :) Heh Key’s voicecrack was so cute x)

    TAEMIN’S FACE WAS EPIK. I watched it a million times and laughed another million times x) Oh so mean, but he is so cute :D

    & I’m still x_x from FTI’s new 20min MV! Jaejin’s acting is awesome. I won’t tell you what happens or I’ll spoil it for you x) My bin (LOL okay WONbin) has loooooong hair. Like seriously long. Idk, it may even be longer than yours :O

    Good luck for your exams ♥

  7. I’ll reply properly at a later date but babielgel (I need to reply to you now !!!!!!!!!) OMG THE EPIC LENGTH MV IS OUT??? ARGH I…I…I think I might resist and watch it after my exams because I expect it will be more lengthy than this post and I don’t want to have to bother beckerys again ._____.
    Also chrestos LMAO I just saw a pic and I think your “bin’s” (LOL) hair might actually be longer than mine…and yes thank you for not spoiling it for me <3333

  8. I’m falling behind in Shinee stuff. :'(

    They go straight into “Graze” AND OMG KEY’S VOICE CRACKED OMG LOLOLOL. It’s even funnier than Onew’s cracks because he made some strangled “oooh” straight after AHAHAAHAHA *DIES*.
    HOW MEAN FLAKSDFLKDF XDDDDDD But the way you described it just makes me want to watch it even more dies i’m so horrible too 8D And I find that paragraph really funny, because who else can go from making fun of Shinee to gushing over them in the same paragraph? LMAO

    HOMDGJLSKJDFSDD FLAILS WITH YOU BECAUSE I HAVEN’T BOUGHT IT YET, EITHER. Buahaha, this is definitely a time when I’m thankful for my procrastination. 8D

    Bahhh, I’ve missed your Shinee posts. ♥ :( And you just reminded me that I also need to study. slkdfjlkexamscanjustgodie:(((((

  9. In the You’re Like Oxygen perf – is Onew wearing Jonghyun’s pants from the Replay MV? And Key is wearing Minho’s pants from the You’re Like Oxygen MV? Puahahahaha XD

    Taemin did spin really fast. o_o I probably would’ve fallen over if it was me. I didn’t see where Onew flipped the chairs, though. :(

  10. ahaha i asked about the girl mc, its Horan!! She looks diff. so I couldn’t identify her…

    Tae Min’s an amazing dancer<3 i just wish he sings a bit more powerfully…
    While Key tries to go all too powerful and ends up straining his poor voice lol.
    But oh yeah Onew was literally a SHINee personxDD

    But Tae Min sounds so much better in Love Like Oxygen.
    I just notice Key’s always the one who sits on the chair ‘almighty’xD

    lol I don’t regret buying their original album. I think I’ll just download their extra song.

  11. moonynim
    Lol be prepared for more epicness :DD

    Aw, it always makes me happy when we get comments like yours. I hope you’ve been leaving more comments since I’ve been gone (or will be leaving more? xP)

    Hello! Dw, you’ll be getting your (daily?) dosages of SHINee again, now that I’m free ~!!

    aolsflaksjf I shall be watching FT Island’s MV soon!

    Oh I don’t think I dl that in HQ which was why I probably haven’t noticed XD

    I really like the name Mrs Kimkey XDD It sure has a nice ring to it, eh? Like Changdice! Haha

    LMAO but that is my job! To make fun and gush over SHINee :D YOU LOVE IT. And yes I think they were wearing each others clothes XD

    LOL! Omg that is like the best way to describe Key’s post – Almighty!

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