Posted by: beckery | October 14, 2008

Cute 3yo Kid dancing to Mirotic

Like how PAS always says it, we spam cuz we can XDDDDD Hahaha.

But seriously this is the CUTEST THING I’VE SEEN ALL WEEK!!! WOULD SOMEONE LIKE TO KIDNAP THE KID WITH ME PLEASEEEEE!!!! He’s even wearing a “Tohoshinki” top XDD

Argh he is so flipping adorable. (And I need to read the dictionary to expand my vocabulary =_=) I’m assuming his Korean cuz he actually adds some adlibs in there LOL. Omg he totally ROCKED the chin dance during YunChun’s rap! And how epic was his YEAHHH~~~ scream hahaha. The “come on come on” part was funny too :D And off course his ending pose is a must see!

I’m telling you this is a future star in the make lol! ♥♥

Thanks ImJustKeed’In for the link! You can watch more of his incredibly cute dancing clips at this user’s channel.


  1. Better than the original. Let me tell you. What’s even cuter is if you think about exactly how many times this kid would’ve had to have watched this video in order to get some of the moves and lyrics down (which he DID, btw). And srsly: this “YEAAAAH~~~” scream is totally epic and AWESOME! Plus, his “Yeah Yeah”s at the end?! ZOMG. This is his audition tape. lol.

    ((and the THSK shirt? I’m thinking maybe older sister, not mom? cause this is something I would totally do. Just brainwash all my younger siblings with DongBang love. Although it would be REALLY cute if it was mom))

  2. LOL.
    I just watched this today.
    I was so excited to see he did Mirotic.
    The rap was the best part..XD
    BUT my favorite still is when he did rising sun.

    Actually i’m pretty sure hes japanese.
    Has more videos, he did Somebody to love, Rising Sun..Summer Dream
    LOL the best kid in the whole world.
    [I didn’t know they made THSK shirts for little kids..
    T_T I need to buy some.]

  3. hahaha this kid is cute/awesome. If I happen to decide to keep a young boy at home, this is what I’ll do: Brain wash him to believing DBSK and Suju are amazing groups lol.

  4. Hahas, his ‘Yeah~~’ was adorable, tho it’s shorter than Changmin’s. This kid has a bright future, hahas. I can’t believe that a 3year-old could have a TOHOSHINKI shirt, what about me?

  5. OMG this is the cutest ever! Lol he can give the boys a run for their money, he’s got the moves down, he got the chin moved down & even the “Yeah… part” down. The boys should see this video and bring the kid on stage with them, how adorable would that be! Did his mom shrink the Tohoshinki shirt or do they make one for kids? I’d so order them for my god children!

  6. nanshi
    LOL You’re right! This can totally be his audition tape. And if Father SM rejects the poor bb, then he obviously doesnt have an eye for talent XDD The kid is awesome! No,better than awesome. His got the voice, his got the dance skills and he even has the cute factor all bundled together. <3 And I’m thinking sister? Lol if only I could brainwash my brother =_=

    Thank for the link. It totally made my day. The kid is made of all type of awesomeness <3

    HAHAHA You evil person =P

    I know! I’m so jealous. I want one of those shirts too. :(

    OMG that would totally be cuteness overload. I think the kid should go on Star King and get the boys to guest that day. I dont think my heart could take it all lol XD And aww you have god children? How cute!

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