Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 15, 2008

“Rainism” MV Teaser

Video: Wondersmurf @ Youtube

It’s a really catchy song, but the lyrics are….creative? XD.

Love his new hair, and woooow the boy can dance O________O. I’m not a huge fan of his music, but I’m really really looking forward to his comeback stage; Rain has this *star* vibe about him that just draws you to his performances, even if, imo, the songs aren’t that great half the time XD.

I was a bit disappointed with how he used the word “Rainism” in the lyrics, though =.= And he totally stole “Rainism” from me and Beckery’s “Leehomism” :P


  1. Errr…he’ll make it …Rainism?
    “Hey, mom? Can I go play outside?!”
    “No sweetie, It’s Rainisming outside!”
    “It’s going to Rainism soon!”
    OMG. These people should hire me to give them slogans and phrases that aren’t corny. Like mirotic.
    Yah…I started watching this right after me and my roomie freaked out about red light cameras (those tickets SUCK btw) and burst out laughing…it killed our bad mood. And now I’m happy. YAY RAIN!

    And it’s Rainisming today. 90% chance all day! YAY!

  2. That’s a really interesting teaser. I love the visual side, but I’m not taken by the song like I was for love story. And lol, if he thinks Rainism is a word how can be be considering US debut?

    Anyway, I still look forward to his comeback. :D

    And to sujucupcakes, it is indeed Rainisming today! XD

  3. Another MV? But the one for ‘Love Story’ was just released. Anyway, I’m not feeling the song or the teaser – it looks kind of creepy actually – but Rain looks good so that’s a plus. He’s really working the suits…

    Lol at all of the plays on words in K-pop…they just love manipulating the english language, don’t they?

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