Posted by: potensvita | October 15, 2008

That girl dances?

sorry for the lame tittle. lol. I was a bit high after finishing the monthly sets (SETS) of papers. haha. Today, after the paper, I was really happy and well, even though I wished I slept but in the end, I read Skip Beat. lol. I am so going to do some promotion for SKIP BEAT. haha. It is the best fall anime ever. (not to mention the best manga ever. ) I am a writer and I found the plot proceeding at a normal speed. The characters were given time to develop and their actions always ALWAYS justified their thinking. It made you think that it is reasonable that the character is acting so and so.

If you happen to get a chance in reading this manga, or watching the anime, (up till episode 2 now) you will understand.

So, as I was saying …. today, Li Yin danced. I saw a fancam of her dancing. and it was superb. SUPERB. lol. judge it yourself. ^^

credit : choompichocolyn @ youtube.

edit : i just saw that man ran his hands on her thigh i think. HANDS OFF!


  1. Okay I love LOVE Skip Beat (the manga; haven’t got to watching the anime yet). I’ve been trying to promote it to my friends but apparently they go o.0 at the thought of reading a shojo (and yes, they’re girls too), so that’s the end of it. =(

    Wow, I didn’t know Li Yin can dance so well ^^.

  2. oh, yeah. i love the manga. haha. took me ages to finish it though but boy, REN SURE IS HANDSOME. hahaha. it is ok. we have one another for skip beat fangirling. which chapter are u at now?

    lol. i dont know how li yin can dance so well too. ^^

  3. Ohh…I love Skip Beat. Kyoko and her “evil spirits” are so funny.

  4. Yeah, Ren is so good-looking. I like him a lot because of his character, mainly ^^. Watched the anime yesterday, and I thought the anime version of Ren looks kinda.. grouchy? I dunno =X. I’m at chapter 128, still waiting for the English scanlations of the new chapters, which are taking like forever D:.

  5. potensvita

    thanks for posting this up!
    i was wondering where is she now since there’s no news about her. guess she’s active in china , eh?

    ya, hands off! i was wondering whether she’s changing her image from the ‘good girl’ image to the ‘sexy’ image now.

  6. what can i say, SM does miracles xD seriously that was a lot better than i expected her to be.. that girl really has awesome amount of potential, really hopes she makes it even bigger, cos she desreves it^^ thanks for sharing

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