Posted by: beckery | October 16, 2008

161008 DBSK at Mnet M Super Concert

Insa performance with Yoochun on piano

Credits to mickytoho @ youtube

Been waiting for this ever since I saw the pictures of it. Yoochun on piano ♥_♥ and the boys performing Insa (which is a lovely song) live!!! Ok, I’ll sound like a hater, but I was so disappointed. WHAT HAPPENED TO SILENT CHEERING PEOPLES!!?!?! *headsdesk* The performance was fantastic. Yet, I couldn’t even hear the boys properly. The mic was too soft and the fans were screaming like crazy *gets bricked by fans*. I felt like I was watching a fancam and now I feel like crying T_T It was so beautiful, why couldnt they just sit there and drown in the beautiful voices and melody…I’ll just have to turn on my selective hearing and block the screams out =_=

PAS: Beckery was being too kind. SOMEONE NEEDS TO EITHER TURN THEIR MICS UP OR SHUT THE FANS UP. FAR OUT. Support is GOOD, but screaming during ballads? Unnecessary. Instead of a nice, sad ballad, I hear “fly..AHHHHHHHHHHHHH JAEJOOOOONG…away……fly EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE away” O_______________O. Okay, I’m definitely going to be blacklisted by the Cassiopeians now XDD

Jaejoong’s performance ~ Forgotten Season He looks really sad and heartbrokened :'( Maybe its to get the feel of the song, but why does he look like he’s in pain, especially at 2.50 and 3.24 when he’s hitting all those high notes. O_O He was sick at that time right? :S Omg bb get some rest PLEASE! I am so worried!! The song sounds so nice live though ♥

Love in the Ice || Mirotic  – Im turned off by the fans so I wont be watching these T_T Though from what I can see, the stage was lovely. I did watch the little intro cut to Mirotic though and gosh IT WAS SO HOT!!! Heaps of bondage which is making my mind boogle from perverted thoughts haha XD


  1. Micky look hot in close ups when he was playing th piano. Th Mirotic perf wasn’t bad, love th intro. Jaejoong’s solo was wonderful :D

  2. Nuragerl
    Yoochun was so sexy playing the piano *_* But really, the fans annoyed me way too much for me to enjoy the performance :( JJ did a great job and he makes my heartbreak cuz he looked so sad haha.

  3. man u guys should back off of yoochun!!!!!! I love him sooo much!!!!! <3 he is the sexiest boy in the worldddddd!!!!!! <33333 yoochunnnnnieee by the way beckery who is ur favorite in DBSK? and who is candychu’s favorite too?

  4. LOLOL I think you would have to fight about a million fangirls for yoochun. Umm Candychu’s favourite boy is Changmin, Pinkandsparkly’s is Jae and mine keeps changing but its been Junsu for the past year or so XD

  5. ohh that’s cool , I was just wandering! :) Haha I know I would have to fight a million of fan girls! hahaha

  6. I don’t like Nuragerl! haha :D

  7. amna
    LOL Lets all place nice here ok. =P

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