Posted by: beckery | October 16, 2008

Rain’s Rainism Album

Rain’s whole album is out. Overall, I think he did a great job on it. I’m glad there’s no attempt of a full english song haha XD Theres a variety of RnB, pop, dance tracks etc. But theres only 1 ballad which I find disappointing cuz that song is so pretty. He should have added another one. Yes, I’m greedy aren’t I? Lol

Rainism This song is so…..unique? haha “I gotta be a bad boy, I’m gonna be a bad bad boy” Lol yes bb, I’m aware your a bad boy XDDD But what is “I’m making Rainism”? :S Mmm the beat is pretty sick, but the song needs new lyrics. Maybe the MV will make me like the song more XD

Only You The song is alright..Typical fast RnB track.

Love Story Probably one of my favourite song off his album.

사랑이라는 건 (This Is Love) Love the chorus. Actually I really like the song altogether XD

내 여자 (My girl) Another RnB track. Reminds me of CB and Neyo (Hahaha yes I’m aware every western RnB song reminds me of these two, I cant help it, they’re amazing *_*) But I love the track. Very nice. ♥

You This reminds me of his other songs, “It’s Raining” and “I’m Comming”. The beat and everything, very Rainism-like haha.

Fresh Woman This song is pretty good. But the “fresh woman” part annoys me. I think Rain tends to be a tad repetitive on the english words in this album haha XD

더 끌려 More Attraction (Feat. Taewan a.k.a C-Luv) Now this is more like it!! Love the beat, love the song and C-Luv adds a nice touch to it. ♥

고개 돌려 (Turn Your Head) Another dance track, its alright..It doesnt really attract me though.

9월 12일 (September 12) Ooh its a slow ballad ♥_♥ Rain should do more ballads. This song is soooo pretty. I want lyrics, it sounds so sad.

My Way Hmm nothing unique, but its easy for the ears XD

Rainism Remix XDDDDDDDDDDD Hahaha I cant get over the “I’m gonna be a bad bad boy” part. I’m sorry Rain, this just doesnt rock my boat.


  1. yeah i enjoyed the album overall. after listening to the whole thing once, i found myself repeating some tracks xD
    my favorites would be September 12 and My Girl!
    i’m so looking forward to rain’s comeback on music shows! he’s an excellent performer heh

  2. My favourite tracks would be September 12, My Girl and Main attraction. Although the other songs aren’t anything outstanding, they’re really easy to listen to so I dont have a problem with listening to the full album again and again haha. And yea I’m definitely waiting for his comeback performances, that boy rocks the stage ♥

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