Posted by: beckery | October 16, 2008

SHINee singing Mirotic


Them singing without bg music, so you can hear them more clearly!

With bg music and I think there’s DBSK’s voices aswell lol.

kjdskjflsd omg what is all this awesomeness!?!? Theres so much DongBangShinee-ness these days *_* The SHINee boys are such adorable fanboys haha ♥

They did a radio performance of Mirotic on Sim Sim Tapa and I personally think they did a fantastic job!! I dont want to even compare them to DBSK cuz thats just totally unfair for them, since they’ve just debuted for like what? 5months? For newcomers, I think they’ve done amazingly well. Love their attempt at the chin dance and omg Jonghyun’s YEAHH~~ was darn great. 

Now, I’m just going to wait for DBSK to sing “Replay” or even better, a DongBangShinee collaboration or special stage. Man, how epic would that be XDDDDD

Btw I just read DBSK reached #1 on the Oricon Daily Charts. Congrats boys ♥


  1. AHHHHHH! Thank you so much for posting this clip. I promised I would not go online much because of midterms but I saw on the DBSK thread they were talking about this and could not find the link! How can one study after that! I wrote like 4 notes reminding myself to find that clip later! LMAO

    Shinee looks like they put alot of effort into this! SO CUTE! And I was doing a little prayer the whole time that Minho would do Yoochun’s rap because it would be really hot and when he did = <333333333333333333.

    I love the clip of Jonghyun singing with Cass to! DBShinee love! A special stage would really be epic!!!!! I even just love them promoting together on shows a little now!

    I swear I suck at studying. I went on a youtube spree the other day before midterms! A YOUTUBE SPREE! And not a short one. And then today I decided to clean the house and not study! T-T SHOT ME! Oh well this online break is a little present to myself. Fully warranted. :PPP

  2. This is so awesome! They were very good and I think they will be even greater in the future!

    Taeminnie sang SO well and so much :D We never get to hear him sing that much and it’s SO illegal how much I like him. Pedo to the max. XP

    If you go and read the comments, some people are so ridiculous. >.> Saying stuff how they are using dbsk to promote themselfs. But it’s more like they are all supporting each other. <3

    If DBSK did “Replay”…I think I would cry. :D


    I was really surprised that Key’s voice sounded quite similar to Changmin’s. Lol, I just… I never thought that. I loved Onew. XD Kinda wish that Minho sang, but his rap was hot anyway.

  4. Key’s parts matched the original very well. Gosh, they’re so cute! They performed it really well. I was so happy to hear Minho rap but I thought he was gonna do Yunho’s part at first. Love all the DongBang-SHINee interaction these days.

    DBSK has had 4 singles topping Oricon? This one didn’t even get much promotion! Amazing <3333333

  5. I looved this mirotic performance, it sounded wonderful<333

    Onew sounded a little bit high for Junsu’s parts lol.
    Tae Min actually sounded alright as YooChun and Key sounded like Chang Min haha.

    Seriously there needs to be a dong bang shinee collab.

  6. If there was a DongBangSHINee special stage or collab, I think everyone in their respective fandoms would die of the awesomeness produced. Honestly. Anyway, it was actually a really good cover – I didn’t expect them to match up with it so well because it’s a very different type of song but they really managed to make it work, Key in particular. And Taemin sang quite a lot so I was really pleased about that. I would have liked to hear MinHo more though…anyways, it was good. I hope we see more DBSHINee stuff in the future.

  7. ringy
    Ohhh your having midterms? In that case you are NOT welcomed here, go and study, shoo shoo. We dont want you blaming us if you fail =P lol. And stop youtubing! Zomg your like Candychu =_=, I keep having to tell her to go and study.

    Hahah SAME, I was hoping Minho would be doing the rap! That boy needs more part in everything haha. And special stage please, with a cherry on top XD Anyways, goodluck with your exams ♥

    Yea, I did read some of the comments and just thought “pft, they obviously dont know what they’re talking about”. Comparing the two groups is just utterly ridiculous. I’m sure the SHINee boys will reach DBSK’s level one day with further practice and experience. They have what it takes and I would love to see them succeed XDDD

    THE WORLD NEEDS MROE DONGBANGJUNIORSHINEE LOVEEEEE!!!! ♥ Hahaha I would be so so so happy if all three groups did a special stage. Hell I would be crying with joy if it was just Dongbangshinee haha.

    Yeap, DBSK sure are made of all types of awesomeness, I am so very proud of them XD And yea, SHINee did great, but most importantly THEY ARE THE CUTEST FANBOYS!!! ♥ Haha

    I think the boys did a great job for a newcomer band. But hey, they always do a great job at whatever they’re doing XD There definitely needs to be more DongBangShinee! But I’m sure there will be in the future, I can just feel it hahaha.

    It was an awesome cover, which is why they need to do a full length long version, WITH dancing AND the DBSK boys on stage with them HAHA I’m so greedy. But seriously, like you said, everyone would be in happy tears if they did have a special stage. XDD

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