Posted by: beckery | October 16, 2008

We Got Married Ep. 29

*Part 1* The rest can be found at MarriedSubs’s Channel.

This episode was so funny. I’m still a bit :( about losing AnBi but the two new couples do sorta fill the void. I especially like the HwanYobi (Hwanhee and Hwayobi) couple ♥ I know some of the stuff Hwanhee say is pretty harsh, but I dont really think he means to hurt Yobi. Its just his way of expressing things and his twisted humour haha. Other than that you can see him doing really sweet, subtle actions like holding her handbag, helping her up when she fell down in the wrestling match etc. Its all very subtle, but it shows that he does want to care and protect her. Plus, its always funny to see Yobi get all excited and happy when he finally does something nice XDDD I adore Yobi! She’s like a dorky, innocent, cute, 4D ajummah HAHA. I swear, she does the most weird and cracktastic things ever.

The ‘Killer’ couple aka Marco and Son Dam Bi is pretty funny too, especially when Marco is being all sorts of mushiness XD I find that they’re not as entertaining as HwanYobi cuz Marco is completely besotted with SDB, so there’s no bullying, no fights and no lame arguments (which I find hilarious especially when its Crown J and SIY, those two fight over the lamest things =_=). Though, I do find it funny how he’s always like “my friends died” or “i died” when he’s talking about SDB. And his over-the-top expressions. THE GUY IS SERIOUSLY SO WEIRD!

AlShin couple are babysitting but since ShinAe has to go to a photoshoot, Alex tricks Leeteuk and Eunhyuk to come and help. ROFL at their failure and at Alex for thinking that they would actually help =_=. Teuk is SOOO LOUD; comming and screaming at the top of his voice for “sister-in-law’. One of the MCs said “It looks like Alex has 6 kids now instead of 2 nannies” ROFL! Alex was hilarious when one of the baby started crying. He bolted onto the couch and just sat there with his head in his hands HAHA! And Hyukjae does the most crackstatic expressions and actions when he’s trying to stop the baby from crying XDD Oh gosh my love for the boy seems to keep increasing, what to do ♥. Teuk is just a big fat dork full stop <3

The other couples go on the “Ant Tour” designed by Antman aka Crown J. Its suppose to be a training session or something, but really, all of them are made of so much fails, it ended being hilarious. Lol at CJ for asking them to pay him money XD Its practically like kidnapping them to some far away place and demanding them to pay haha.

It starts off with the “senior” couples sitting in the bus waiting for the “new” couples who are really late. SIY, CJ and Hwangbo decides to give the new couples a piece of their mind for comming late so they tell HyungJoon to be rude to them when they come on the bus. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THEY TELL HJ TO DO IT! Seriously, that guy is the most shy and polite boy ever, so it pretty much had “FAIL” written all over it before he even started haha. But I’m glad they did cuz his expressions were soooo funny. I lol-ed so hard. He kinda blinks a thousand times a seconds and opens his mouth with no words comming out XD So everyone’s looking at him and CJ and SIY are egging him on going “you can do it” and after a million fail attempts he ends up saying “Excuse me, why are you late” HAHAHAHA THAT BOY IS PURE GOLD!!! ♥♥

It gets so awkward when everyone is finally on the bus. CJ passes around his gold (this boy really loves his bling bling, check out his gold suitcase haha) megaphone thingy and tells everyone to introduce themselves. But when its Yobi turns, everyone starts doing their own thing so she gets all indignant and goes “how come no one’s listening to me!!!” XD And she proceeds to say “this microphone stink” HAHAHA What a random girl.

They finally get to their destination, which is some beach place. Somehow along the way, Marco develops this HUGE crush on HJ and would NOT leave his side. HAHA. Its pure crack I tell you. HJ is really shy, so he keeps avoiding Marco, whilst Marco is all huggy and loud and talks soo much. I love all the honesty talk HJ does in the blackroom where he confesses that he feels awkward cuz Marco keeps talking to him and he doesnt know what to say in return and thus, feels burdened XDDD CJ then tells the couples they have a 10minute break before they regroup. So the couples all kinda split up and do their own thing whilst CJ and SIY are standing there “observing” them :D Those two are so evil LOL. Especially SIY, omg that girl gives the Wicked Witch of the West a run for her money!

HwanYobi goes walking along the beach and Yobi’s heels keeps digging into the ground to the “2nd basement” and she just would not take them off. I found it sweet how Hwanhee was holding her handbag awwww. They do alot of random talkings with Yobi whinging about wanting to do this and that and Hwanhee rejecting them all calling them lame or childish. What a party pooper haha. Its so funny how SIY and CJ described them as the “country bumpkin and city boy” ROFL. 

Oh and somehow along the way Hwanhee makes up a new nickname for Yobi =_= All the couples have all these sweet pet names and call eachother hubby and wife etc. And Hwanhee calls Yobi “hey” =_=|| Apparently she had a choice between “hey” and “oi” and she chose “hey” HAHAHA. Anyways, the new petname he came up with is “poopie”, as in dog poop! And Yobi actually lets him get away with it cuz she thinks it actually suits her. WTF IS THAT!? Omg that is just soooo slack. I would give him the bashing of his life it I was her haha. SIY in the blackroom is all “how can she let him do that to her………but then when I think about it, it actually suits her!” 8D

Meanwhile, the cabbage couple decides to write messages on the sand. YOU HAVE TO WATCH WHAT HJ WRITES ROFLMAO!! OMG my stomach…He goes “Marco keeps talking to me” and the whole studio cracks up laughing. What a dorkface! Then when its time to regroup, the two decides to have a race to see who reaches the others first. Being the “gentleman” he is, he gives HB a head start. But then he pretends that his shoes fell off and stops, so HB walks back to him to see how he is. Just as she reaches him, he bolts off….and still somehow loses! idek HAHA HB YOU ROCK! GIRL POWER FTW ♥

Lol I cant believe Marco actually bought a chair with him! See what I mean by he’s batshit crazy! Cuz SDB was showing him her chair dance for her song “Crazy” when they were at home and he was “dying”. So he decided to bring the chair along with him hahaha. He tells her to show it to him again on the beach and she’s all “i dont want to do it in public, its for you only” awww. I’m telling you, he has this major crush on HJ. Cuz when he tells her to do the dance, he goes “wait a minute, let me find HJ” ^_^

The senior couples decides to have this mini game thing, so that the losers will have the smaller rooms and have to carry the luggage up to the rooms. The only reason they did it was cuz they thought they were a sure win cuz they had the athletic couple (HB and HJ) on their team. They even chose events which they excelled at.  Such evil~ people! But lol at the end results. Watch to find out! XD Such an hilarious episode!


  1. leaving a comment becaus i was told to~ *-*
    na good review hey, plus u linked to the vid haha
    ill start watching wgm again tonite since this review was a killer
    ye marco/son dambi my fav couple after anbi i guess, but i still miss them sigh

  2. I still haven’t watched episode 28 yet (I’m afraid I’ll cry when watching AnBi separating T.T), but I read your post and I actually laughed out a lot, LOL. Especially the Hyunjoong and Hwanyobi parts! I like Hwanyobi too now; I think only someone as eccentric as Hwayobi can stand such a meanie and still be all smiley, lol xD.

  3. tarzan couple is the only reason I started watching it again.

    Marco is so fsking weird. LOL HE CAME TO THE SHOOTING DRUNK. So it started from there and just got funnier.

    :/ the next episode has some fights in it. I hate the editing pd so much – he was really dumb to show his face on tv LOL.

  4. hau
    Your not suppose to say “becaus i was told to”. It just defeats the whole purpose of commenting T_T But at least you said my review was a killer :D, such nice things about me hardly come from that mouth of yours =P I actually think you would be more of a Hwanyobi shipper. But then I realised you most likely chose the other pair just cuz SDB is hot =______=

    P.S watching kko kko tour and loving it XDDDD

    Yeah I was actually crying during episode 28, just couldnt help myself. Seeing Solbi cry was bad enough, when Andy (and all the other girls in the studio) started crying as well, I couldnt hold it any longer. Such a depressing episode :(

    You should totally watch this though, Yobi KILLS ME. SHE IS SOOOO FUNNY AND WEIRD! And your right, I think she’s the only one that can stand Hwanhee. Imagine SIY with Hwanhee, I think a war would explode haha. Though I gotta give him credit, cuz he is pretty sweet sometimes <3

    Lol I call them the “killer” couple, but “tarzan” definitely suits them XDDD Marco is sooo crazy haha. And I saw the preview for the next episode. It looks like a fight between SIY and Crown J, so I’m thinking maybe its a prank they’re pulling? This wouldnt be the first prank haha. Cant wait!

  5. I just watched this episode and I laughed a lot, LOL. Hyunjoong and Hwayobi cracked me up! I love Hwanhee, how he calls her “Yobi” at times and even came up with such a weird nickname “Poopie” haha. He acts like a baddie but actually he really cares :). Yobi is really cute! ^^ And Eunhyuk taking care of the baby is really so hilarious ROFL, he’s so cute xDD.

  6. I really like Hwanhee. He’s such a big mean wolf on the outside, but we all know he’s made of tofu inside <3 lol. And yea, Hyun Joong is so cute and 4D. He kinda rivals Eric in the 4D-ness, dont you think? XD

    Episode 30 is out and subbed. Such a shame I cant watch it. I’m up to my heads with exams atm. :(

  7. haha yepyep ^^.

    I watched Episode 30 already; Hwanhee sang one line from My Person for Yobi! I love that song and his voice, omg. ♥

    Good luck with your exams :)!

  8. AWWW I want to watch it!!! Its ok, I’ll just do a mass watch after my exams. You have fun though *so jealous* haha

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