Posted by: potensvita | October 17, 2008

Boa – Eat you up MV [Korean version]

Credits to xkirakunix @ youtube

I’ll let potensvita edit the post XD


cried. TT

I wanted to post about it. TT how could you? if I were to steal your ShinHwa news! To make it up, give me imaginary flowers! laughs.

Today morning, the Asian version of the Mv of Eat You Up is aired in Japan and well, people in Japan know love her. So, do I. So, I managed to download it and well, cap time.


With my spectacles scattered into pieces because I am in a shock... to ...

see her so stylish even when she is drenched.

Looking not bad too when she is dry. I want those hair. XD

Lol. i like this dancer. LOOK AT HER SMILE. ^^

LOL. I am getting a bit crazy.


  1. beckery! i was planning to do a post on her after capping it. ;(

  2. fine fine. oh well. cries. you made me cry. ;3

  3. AHH I’m sorry. I didnt read your comments till now. Go check your email! XD

  4. I’m kinda confused … Is there only an English version of the song?
    ANd by Korean version, do you mean that the American version will be just a different video?

  5. the dance steps are a bit repetitive though…

  6. Alex Ryom
    the song is in english. however, there are two version of the MV. One of them (the one in this post) is the Asian version. the other Mv is the american release. so ….
    hum ^^

    yeah, it is a bit repetitive. the thing is this mv has no solid storyline. so, we can spot the repeated steps. for example, in mirotic MV, if there isnt a story line, we can see repeated steps too. beside, this MV is focused solely on BoA. haha. ^^

  7. i think you mean american version. its in english…

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