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Minho at Andre Kim’s Fashion Show

Credits 코웨이/as tagged from bestiz; fantaken from choiminho; infinity_me @ soompi


Can someone please pinch me and tell me that I’m not dreaming. And THAT BOY RIGHT THERE IS THE SIXTEEN YEAR OLD, SHINEE MEMBER, CHOI MINHO!! That one KISSING the lucky girl (is that even legal, isnt he underage =_= Yes, Im just jealous *pouts*) OMG HE DOES NOT LOOK SIXTEEN AT ALL!!! O_O 

Which is why I am not feeling one bit guilty for ogling him haha XD Though I’m pretty sure I’m going to suffer post pedo syndrome afterwards! Omg he looks so HOT, like a prince charming straight from a Cinderella fairtyale!♥ I am so tempted to kidnap him and hide him under my bed forever….Gahh what are you doing to this poor noona, Minho T_T

However, having said all that, being a girl, I naturally have to comment about the clothes. WHAT ARE THEY WEARING!?! I’m aware Andre Kim is a really famous Korean fashion designer who freaks me out :S, but seriously, those clothes do not rock my boat..In fact they make me cringe, hardcore :S The white wedding dress the girl wears is really pretty but all the other dresses are O_O Minho’s top part of the prince outfit is all sorts of hotness, but the pants are like HAREM PANTS and you can ask Pinkandsparkly and you’ll know how much I hate those! Not to mention all that fur, the bubble jacket (*giggles*) and those gold bling bling clothes…

*HERE* for more closeups *_*


  1. gaahhh~~~ *dies*
    he looks so mature here. is this boy really a 16 year old or what!? he seems to be more manly than our teukkie leader. LOL.

    (i don’t like andre kim’s fashion shows.. it scares me to death..)

    • there’s some correction here.he’s not 16.he is 18.he was born in 1991. but in korea, he’s considered 19.i don’t know about the system but they’re a year older there. one thing for sure. he does look freaking GORGEOUS.

  2. HOLY FREAKIN HOTNESS. [smashes head into wall] THAT KID IS ONLY 16!?!? You never would have known it. I love Minho! He’s so quiet and dorky, and flamingly charismatic :D.

    But wow, those clothes. The princely one looks nice – he manages to look fierce in all of them, actually. But that big white one…HE LOOKS LIKE A YETI.

  3. Wow he looks so mature and princely(?) I’m so proud! Andre Kim’s clothes can be very pretty in a fairy tale sort of way, but why does every collection I’ve seen from him look the same? Could he design something people would actually wear(if they had the money)?

    Great pictures!


    I didn’t expect them to kiss. That’s like totally unnecessary for a fashion show. All the skinship is too. Andre Kim freaks me out too. It’s the painted hair and eyeliner. And the white clothes.

  5. *DIES* I’ve been seeing this everywheeere alksdjfkj D: djkjadlsd !!!!!
    I’m gonna go be jealous with you, lol. T_T

    He looks good, though. I really really really really like that “prince” image, guhhhh. *melts into a puddle* Also, I have nothing against the girl, and I’m not even a huge Minho fan, but… I just want to push that girl away from him and take her place and aklsdfjlkjsd hahahahah 8DD;


    Le sigh. There is no leaving my prison cell afterall. T___T Minho, why so young????

  7. LMAO sorry I just have to laugh at the clothes. It just…always look hideous on anyone. The white wedding dress is the only normal thing thats attractive lol.

    Min Ho looks old…O_O He does look mature than Hee Chul or Onew lol.
    But the kissing part looks sexy haha. The girl’s lucky.

  8. Oh, the kiss didn’t surprise me actually – I’ve seen it done in other A.K fashion shows so it’s nothing new. So moving on…MINHO! Thank you so much for the shots – I saw some on LJ but they were mostly of him and the girl and not the individual ones. He really looks like he fell out of a storybook – my mind is spinning with the idea of him acting in a drama where’s he a prince and we’d get to see him dress like that all the time. That’d be nice…

    Boy, if I didn’t know better, I’d say he was in his twenties – I think it’s the serious expression and the height and the slicked back hair. Anyway, I like the prince clothes but the rest of it is hideous – but Minho makes them look good. ^^


    why is the girl looking like she’s going to jail or something?!

    she’s standing next to that HOT PIECE OF ASS!! :D

    ahh minho…. why are you so young?! ::sigh:: :'(

  10. omg as i was scrolling down, i saw minho…his lips almost TOUCHING THAT GIRLS FOREHEAD!

  11. mrskwonjiyong
    I know right, he looks so HOT! I was staring at the pictures for ages cuz I just couldnt believe how mature and grown up he looks *_*

    *smashes head into wall with you* XDDDD I absolutely love the kid too and if he was older than me, I would totally kidnap him and make him marry me haha. He totally has all those suave, sexy, fierce expressions down packed, which is why he looks SO HOT! “Yeti” HAHAHAHHA :D

    They do look the same hey! I swear I’ve seen pictures of that gold set of outfits in one of his fashion show last year? or the beginning of this year or something. And all of them are always so overdone and exaggerated and definitely NOT I would like to be seen in EVER! haha.

    thegirl-WHO WISHES TO BE-inthepicture
    Aka Candychu bb. Lol I just had to add that, in case readers think I’m being a total biatch to some random XDDD AND YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE COME HERE AT ALL! ESPECIALLY BEFORE YOUR EXAM! And I should have blocked and deleted your comment T_T Im way too lenient on you tsk tsk.

    Haha I’ll be honest though. When I saw these pictures, I had the BIGGEST urge to msg you and make you haul your ass online even though it was like 2am here (3 over at yours =P)

    But anyways, I would love to see how big your mouth got, so do send me a pic of it sometime haha. AND I KNOW RIGHT! WHY ARE THEY KISSING! I get the skinship stuff, but KISSING? HE’S SIXTEEN. She should be put in jail for molest hahahahhahaha.

    *hugs you* there there. It was just a job, I’m sure he was washing his mouth with disinfectant after the kiss XDD I’m so mean hahaha. But yea, I can totally imagine Minho as prince charming now. Riding a white horse and galloping into the sunset. GAHHHH I SHOULD NOT BE PEDO-ING *headsdesk*

    I totally think SM made him get a fake age or something. The guy doesnt look a day under 20 =_= Haha I’ll join you in your prison cell, is there room for me? XDD

    Hahah yea, the clothes made me cringe like crazy. Which is why I only stared at the closeups, cuz that way, we see hot, mature Minho and no yucky clothes XD

    Its not the kiss that surprises me, its the fact that SIXTEEN YEAR OLD MINHO IS KISSING! It should be illegal for underages to show such PDA haha..

    Yea, Minho is such a perfect image of prince charming. OMG I WANT GOONG WITH MINHO! How awesome would that be KJFSLFKJLS. They should totally cast him for a Goong type movie/drama haha XDDDDD Love his suave, serious expression, it makes him look all grown up <33

    LOL I think she’s totally ecstatic insides and dying of happiness, but she has to act all serious outside for the sake of the fashion show..I mean seriously, Minho KISSING you, how could you not be happy. *dies of pedoing too much*

    ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I’LL SCREAM WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, the first photo I saw was of him kissing her foreheard, which totally knocked the winds out of me. I was so stunned and thinking “that CANT be MINHO” Aish, why is he so young and why am I so old =___=

  12. ohmygod he’s like next generation andre kim model. He looks freaking gorgeous.

    here be choi siwon’s own stint with andre kim :

    those wedding garb in the end are kind of O.o but we all love the eyecandy dont we :D

    ALSO! Kangins movie’s poster at dramabeans here:

    I kind of just stared at it for a couple of minutes. Kangin and his smile *ded*

  13. Charisma Minho said “I can’t save you, noona coz there are many poor noona(s) out there” :P
    I keep reminding myself he is sixteen…sixteen…
    Like hyukiee…God please give me SHINee age :D

  14. OMG @_@
    I have a feeling that on the outside he was all expressionless but on the inside is like “OMG AHHH COOOTIES” xDD

  15. querubin
    Yea, I remember Siwon modelling for Andre Kim before, so I was pretty surprised seeing Minho modelling for him aswell. Ooohhh thanks for the movie poster. Thats interesting, cant wait to see it XDD

    HAHAHAHA Your so funny XDDDDD I keep having to remind myself that he’s sixteen too. Its so hard though, especially after these photos *_*

    Alex Ryom
    LOL. “COOTIES” Reminds me of primary school lol XD

  16. He’s not sixteen!!!! It can’t be! if so, then….he’s so young!!! AARRGG!!

    who’s that freakin girl?(almost kiss by Minho?!!! AAARRRR!!!)
    can someone kill her please?
    thank you very much.

  17. he is soo dreamy and cute and tall and gorgey and make me go ‘aaaanghhhh~’ but i love donghae more. hee.

  18. i love minho verymuch muah……….. and he look so…..hensem and cute

  19. anlkasdnlsknf .kldfnblkhfdnghlkfdgnlkdfng,sv,sdfmlksnfkla……gaaaaaaaaaaa.!
    That noona is so lucky >.<
    But it shows how tall Minho is, look at the first picture.haha.XD

    But……ga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Minho freaks me out especially when he kissed that noona!

  20. :OO Minho is soooo Good Looking >< hot-ness over load XD

  21. O.o i think this was when he was still modeling~ like way before he even joined SHINee. -drools- he looks like a prince charming any girl could ever dream of…

  22. i think this is when he was younger. like way before he even joined SHINee.. but hold crap… he looks like a prince charming any girl could ever dream of… -droolss-

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