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Kko Kko Tour

Episode 1: Part 1 || Episode 2: Part 1 || Episode 3: Part 1. The rest at Soshisubs2.

I just started watching Kko Kko tour and IT IS SO MUCH LULZ XDDDDD The show is like a mix of 1N2D (which I really want to watch, but never have the time to), Love Letter and Family Outing. The MC’s are Tak Jae Hoon (Owner Tak) and Shin Jung Hwan (Leader Shin). I’m still not too sure how it works, but for every 5 (i think) episodes, they have 5 female and 5 male celebrities on the show. They all go travelling to another place, where the guests then have time to mingle, play games, go on dates, get to know eachother etc. Only 3 episodes have been subbed and the guests for these are:

Male: Minwoo (♥), Tim (Singer), Shin Dong Wook (Actor), Moon SungMin (National volley ball player) and Gil (?). All the guys are so so cute (except Gil hahaha, but I’m sure he’s there for the crack anyways), especially Dong Wook. He smiles and I die lol XD So of course I wiki’d him and zomg he’s KIBUM’S COUSIN!! Good looks DO run in the family. Except he’s more talkative and less shy than Kibum.

Female: Tiffany (SNSD), Park Jung Ah (Jewelry), Hong InYoung (Actress), Jung Siah (Actress) and Amy (Actress). All the girls are really pretty, but I adore Amy’s personality.

The first episode starts off a bit slow with their introduction and all, but it definitely gets better after part 3. The introductions are worth watching though. Owner Tak and Leader Shin are so funny. They call Jung Ah and Tim the seniors in the industry, which is really saying that they’re always in these matchmaking, single shows haha. They also tease Dong Wook about his real name, Hwa Shik, and shouts it out like a million times in 5 minutes, with Dong Wook replying each time XDD  

I was waiting for Minwoo to be introduced but then realised he wasnt there, which freaked me out a bit. Cuz, I really only watched this in the first place for him (haha), but now I’m addicted to it. However, it turns out he was waiting at the destination, Saipan, for them already *phew*. I’m biased, sue me =P Its so funny when you finally see him. He hugs all the guys and when its Sungmin’s turn he goes “can you bend down a bit” haha. But man, Sungmin is TALL!! Like REALLY TALL! Somewhere in Episode 2, Minwoo and him hug again and you can see clearly that he’s at least one head taller than M O_O.

So in Episode 1, they split into two groups and ride those massive safari cars into the jungle/rainforest. Leader Shin drives one, and somehow, Amy is driving the other one. She looks so cool driving the thing and I can see why M gets attracted to her by it. He’s all “I like girls who look fragile but are really strong”. She’s such a scary driver though. I think her driving skills rivals mine and trust me, that doesnt mean its good haha. They then get stuck into a ditch and can I just say: Minwoo is so flipping hot when he reaches to the front to take control. ♥_♥ However, after all the “do this, do that” orders he gives Amy, they still didnt manage to get out and needed to get help =_= Ohh part 4 of Episode 1 was hilarious. Tiffany is sittin there in the car when suddenly a pile of dirt (or is it poo ewww) flies up and lands right next to her on the door. HAHAHAHAH HER EXPRESSION WAS SO FUNNY!!!!

After their jungle drive, which ended with M being all macho and competitve and driving like crazy to beat the other team. Boys *sighs*. They went to this really pretty cliff place and were told to scream out anything they’ve been hiding inside. I was waiting to hear some inside gossip or something, but everyone ended up verbally attacking Owner Tak, Leader Shin and Gil LOL. Practically ALL the girls attacked Gil, telling him to back off and that they dont like him. You’ll understand why if you watch the show. He acts like he’s all that and thinks he can seduce all types of girls, but ermm..yea his physical appearance isnt that great :S Its cute how Minwoo gives JunJin a “shout out” XD and the MC’s saying shit about the 1N2D show and Kang Ho Dong made me laugh.

Episode 2 starts off with them playing the Kiss and Smooch game, which is soooooooo corny!! They sit around in a circle and one person starts off by saying who they want to send a kiss to. The person that they call out will then either accept the kiss by saying “i like it, i like it” with this utterly mushy action (which Minwoo pawns at <3) or reject it with an equally mushy action haha. If someone gets rejected 3 times then they’ll have to suffer a punishment.

Gil starts off first and ends up with 2 rejections in a time span of like 30 seconds haha. SO MUCH FAILZ! So the MC’s call for time out and said it was stupid to start with him and told someone else to start. It goes pretty much all smoothly, if you minus the fact that the MC’s keep cutting in and stealing other peoples kisses haha, until Leader Shin gets rejected 3 times. His punishment was the Indian bap and man, I feel sorry for him when Sungmin does a volley ball slam on his back O_O

After that, the craziness starts. The girls starts sending kisses to other girls and gets rejected, Minwoo and Gil send kisses to eachother like 2 times *shudders* and Tiffany gets rejected three times LOL. That was so unexpected. I was thinking Gil would be next, but it ended up being Tiffany. And guess who rejected her? Naugthy Minwoo twice and Leader Shin once XDDD But then M does the whole macho act and goes he’ll do the punishment for her. LEADER SHIN IS SO EVIL!!! Instead of the Indian Bap they do the jim? jipp? (haha I forgot the word they said). But it basically means poking up the ass =_= Poor Minwoo, he looked like he was suffering alot haha.

Wow, I wrote so much and I’m only half way through episode 2. The show is seriously so crackstatic! If your bored, give it try. It’ll make you literally lol XDDD


  1. “She’s such a scary driver though. I think her driving skills rivals mine and trust me, that doesnt mean its good haha.”
    i no rite -.-;

    dude just skip ep 2, go ep 3 and watch the full on kiss between amy and minwoo ^_____^ <– *spoiler tags*? bleh but everyone knows about it by now dont they

  2. ^ YOU have no right to talk. Your still alive after all those time being in my car =_=

    Man they kissed so early. First date and bam O_O And I feel sorry for Inyoung, she got ditched. Thats so mean :(

  3. Amy is cute. But I didn’t expect them to kiss so early though =X. And poor Inyoung. She’s really pretty (the prettiest of the girls, imo), so I don’t know why no one got off for her =(.

  4. I KNOW!!! I was like O_O Omg those two sure go fast. I just finished watching Ep4. They’re soooo cute together though *dies of jealous* hahah. I’m starting to love Dong Wook, his so sweet. And yea, I felt really bad for Inyoung. And I thought the PDs were kinda cruel to be asking “are you alright” and asked “did you think someone would go off” to her after she found out the bus left..Obviously she wasnt ok T_T So inconsiderate!

  5. Yeah! I watched Episode 4 too; they are totally so cute together xD. But it’s a bit disturbing how fast they have been progressing, they already seem so comfortable with each other now. Agreed about the Inyoung part, but I thought she was really optimistic, considering how she could still smile for the camera and stuff. And yeah, Dongwook is sweet :).

  6. I watched ep 5 and i dont understand why Tiffany pickd Tim


    he looked like he was about to cry wen she was gone.

    OH WEL I LOVE KKO KKO TOUR AND i hope it carries on more :)

  7. bleaghh
    I know! Minwoo is such a pimp bum haha. He’s so smooth and charming at whatever he does. No wonder, Amy’s falling head over heels for him. I would too if it was me =_= I cant wait for the next episode. The show is good. I wonder how its ratings are hm…

    OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Tell me your joking :(((

    Poor Sungmin!! He was sooo sweet and caring and nice to her. Not to mention that he’s so faithful. He’s stuck with her from beginning till end. Omg how could she not pick him. The poor bb. DW SUNGMIN I WILL HAVE YOU IF NO ONE WANTS YOU <33333 I adore Tim too, but I really wanted Fany to pick Sungmin cuz his such a cutie :(

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