Posted by: beckery | October 18, 2008

SHINee’s Hidden Camera

This is so cute, its making my brain explode ♥♥♥ DONGBANGJUNIORSHINEE LOVE FTW!!!!! 

So apparently some of the DBSK and SUJU boys decided to play a prank on the SHINee boys after their SM Town concert in China ROFL. Its such a shame, we cant actually see any visuals of it, but them telling the story is better than nothing XDDD I knew this would happen sooner or later, cuz the sunbaenims are so darn naughty lol.

Teuk was retelling the prank on Sukira, whilst SHINee were telling their viewpoints of the prank on ShimShim TaPa! I’ll put my ramblings under the cut cuz I dont want to spoil it for anyone XD

Ok, so I think the ones involved with the prank were Jae, Yunho, Kangin (so typical lol) and Teuk. No Heechul? Thats strange O_O Anyways, they decided to pretend to have a huge argument over the SHINee boys, saying stuff like “Why do we have to fight because of SHINee ?” etc.

So the SHINee boys are trying to calm both sides down, when suddenly Kangin (or Teuk?) suggests they actually have a one on one fight. JJ vs Kangin and Yunho vs Teuk. Hahahaha if this was real, then man, Teuk would be flattened in a second XDDDDD

So Teuk does the countdown, whilst the SHINee boys are totally freaking out. And when he gets to 3……….. they all go “waaa” and  START HAVING A CHICKEN FIGHT ROFLMAO!!!! LOLOLOLOL HAHAHAHAHA *rolls around laughing* Such big dorkfaces ♥ And the prank actually lasted an hour or two or something O_O That must be some long~ argument they had haha.

Eunhyuk complains that he missed out the whole thing cuz he was sleeping XD But never fear, they’re apparently going to do a “2nd round” of this when they’re at the next SM Town Concert (in Thailand?) and even have the story all planned out haha. I cant wait to hear about it! But seriously, they should consider making a SM Town Concert DVD and add the prank in as Extras. How awesome would that be?



  1. I’m sorry for not commenting in so freaking long ;__;!!

    Just watched this; it was adorable T___T! Hahahaha, I wish they could show the actual hidden camera tape; who cares if they weren’t in makeup! The bit about them yelling let’s fight and then having a chicken fight is so ridiculous XD. Love it <3!

  2. Haha, that’s so cute! And yeah, where was Heechul? XD Puahaha, I keep thinking of the hidden camera as part of ‘initiation’ or something. o_o

    And beckery, if I recally correctly, weren’t you a non-fan of Shinee? o:

  3. spazzes
    *hugs you* Its ok, we’re all aware that your busy with your exams and everything. I’m amazed at how you can still update so much! A pro, you are XD

    Same! It would be awesome for them to actually release footage of it. Action speaks louder than word and in this case, action will be more crack than words haha.

    Goodluck with your exams ♥ Mine are comming up in a week T_T

    Huh? Where did u get that impression from? Lol. I am most definitely not a non-fan of Shinee. I adore the boys, but they’re all younger than me so I try to keep my distance, with no avail =_=. My favourite is Jonghyun actually ♥ haha.

  4. I am eager to see that hidden cam. Yah who cares there was no makeup applied. I believe it will release since they have taped :D

    I know the situation like keeping the distance coz they are all younger haa ha. It is also happened to me. I am still using the word like ADORE for SHINee and I use LOVE for suju boys :D (Thanks to 83 liner)

  5. @ beckery
    *dies* I have no idea. D: But I keep thinking that one of the writers here said they knew Shinee but wasn’t into them. Idk, maybe it was PAS?

    Haha, resistance is futile~ 8D

  6. littledarth
    I want to see the hidden camera too *pouts*. Hahahaha you are so right. I’ll copy you and use “adore” for Shinee and “love” for the others. Gosh your so smart XDDD

    LOL. Its alright. Hmm probably Potensvita? I’m not sure actually. PAS is pretty neutral with them. Since we’re both older than them, we try to tone it down a bit lol XD

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