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DBSK on Mnet My Favourites

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Credits to ginaya @ youtube!

I’ve actually never heard of this show/radio program. But its hosted by VOS (which is an amazing group ♥) and Kim Shin Young. VOS and DBSK in the same room makes me totally happy and its great that they seem to be close. Plus, everyone looks so fly here ^_^

It starts off with a Speed game where they get asked questions and have to answer immediately. Yunho’s favourite song from their album is Forgotten Season (JAEHO!!♥), Changmin thinks Yunho has grown hotter in this album and JJ totally fails at answering his question haha. To make it up he starts sucking up to the hosts by saying “VOS hyungs” are the ones he wants to share the album with most. Smart boy! Junsu gets asked “Star you want to be friends with” and of course not wanting to lose, he answers VOS aswell hahaha XD

JJ’s next answer is the BEST though. He gets asked “favourite part of another member’s body” and he goes “butt“……”Junsu’s butt” ROFLMAO *dies*. Who doesnt love his butt though? I’m really trying not to be Jae biased here, but it is so ridiculously hard! Not only does he look gorgeous here, but he was also full of fails haha. He gets asked “most successful pick-up line” and he goes all “EH!?!” then says “I dont know things like this”! So everyone goes “EYYY” and Changmin and Yunho makes all these funny “whatever” expressions haha. He ends up saying “Can I call you?” IS THAT EVEN A PICK UP LINE?!!?!? Lol. But then again, he doesnt need pick up lines anyways.

Next section is OST of you life, where they choose a memorable song and explain why the song relates to them. Leadershii goes first and chose “I Believe”, also a favourite of mine <3. Its the main song from “My Sassy Girl” starring no one other than his beloved Jeon Ji Hyun. I swear, his crush on her is SO EPIC, its so flipping cute! He confesses that his cried many times listening to this and has watched the movie about 100 times O_O. Now thats some crazy crush right there. Its definitely my favourite korean movie ♥, but the most I’ve seen it is 8 times lol. He also sings a bit of the song *_*

Because Yunho says that the character Ji Hyun plays is his ideal girl, so they then proceed to ask all of them about their ideal girl. They all give out pretty standard answers. “She has to be nice. She has to be good to the parents. She has to make me laugh. Someone clumsy (Ohh changmin..haha)” etc etc. But then JJ (I swear, I am not being biased!) comes along and goes “someone with strong calf muscles” HAHAH XDDDDD Then he goes he was joking =_= There is so much JaeHo here!!! Yunho says he wants someone who can cook and JJ is all “I can cook ^^” and Yunho goes “I guess I’ll have to take JJ”. Then he goes “someone with straight hair” and JJ goes “My hair is really straight”  <33333 

Then its back to the OST thing. Junsu says Autumn Tale is one of his favourite drama (mine too hahaha, they all have great taste ok!)and picks the song “Reason” from the OST. He then picks “The Promise of HOT” as his memorable song because he sang it at his audition and got accepted. He sings a bit and sounds totally amazing. HAHA Jae goes he sang the national anthem in RnB style at his audition XDDDD

AKFJDFJ CAN I PLEASE MARRY YOU CHANGMIN!!!! He chose Brown Eyes “Already one year”; I LOVE THAT SONG SO SO MUCH ♥! I demand you to go and listen to it NOW! It was one of my first korean song and I think its possibly in my top 10 list of kpop songs. I dont even know why I’m so attached to the song, but its amazing! Brown Eyes are so talented too. Its sad that they dont get enough credit with their songs….. WOW, Changmin sang a part of the song *dies*

They then performed “Love in the ice” in like a noraebang style and its sooo good. You can see them all really clearly cuz they’re standing in such a small space and have I mentioned that they all look freaking fab here? They also did an absolutely amazing job and more JaeHo! Hahaha those two are turning on the fanservice full blast XDDD Junsu’s solo part ♥_♥

Next part (Part4) is where they have to answer the reader’s question with a song. The reader’s question was funny hahaha.Its about her boyfriend who likes to work out and wears very revealing clothes. I dont really know most the songs they talk about though :S But I couldnt stop laughing at JJ’s “Kiss Kiss Kiss” part. He chooses that song which is a children song and everyone’s like “why?!?!?” and he goes “there’s something sexy about the song” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU ARE SUCH A DORK! ILU! ♥ Oh and his “Superman wears his underwear on the outside” killed me too. He is hilarious here!

Btw! Can someone please tell me what song they’re singing at 4.38? I know the song, I really like the song, but I dont remember what the name of it is haha. Its crazy. I’ve been sitting here for the past 10 minutes trying to figure out what song it is. I can actually hum the whole song yet i cant remember what its called GAHHH ITS DRIVING ME NUTS! NVM I’m a bit idiot, the song was Taeyang’s “Look only at me”. *headsdesk*


  1. OMG I loved it. Jae was so awesome and everyone was looking great. I miss seeing VOS oppas around ^-^
    But I think the reason you’ve never heard of the show is because this was their first episode!

  2. ohh yoochun I have a neck line too! lol <333

  3. Devi
    Jae was hilarious here. Everything that he said and did cracked me up so much <3 Oooh it was the first episode? LOL thanks for telling me XD

    Hahahahah you and yoochun =P

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