Posted by: potensvita | October 21, 2008

Gossip Boy MV & Performance

Guys do gossip, I know. But it is something that I rather not know at all. laughs.

Anyway, apparently, YounHa is promoting Gossip Boy which is good since I love that song. ^^

credit : 2ubD @ youtube.

courtesy to wondersmurf @ youtube.


I am happy.  do you know which part I love the most about this MV? it is the piano playing at the the end of the bridge and right at the end. it is like …. captivating your attention and then, making you feel carefree. laughs. I am so silly.



  1. I really haven’t ever…listened to YounHa, but i clicked the video..
    the title is cute. ^^

    Its such a upbeat song!
    I really like it.
    The piano at the end was really cute too, and at the beginning!
    Makes you a bit more awake and makes you smile.
    I love the lyrics too, she has a sweet voice.
    Are her other songs like this?

    I really like it..i think i’m going to look up more.
    Heeee~ ^^

  2. recommendation? hum …..
    her korean albums and her japanese album but … I wont be greedy.
    I will come with youtube links. ^^

  3. I like Younha & glad that I got to see this :)
    She’s one of the rare singers that can really sing lol *like Gummy* I like her voice & when she’s playing the piano :)
    cute MV

  4. I was hoping that she’d promote Someday first, but Gossip Boy is nice too ^^. She looks pretty in the MV? Did she get thinner, though?

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