Posted by: beckery | October 21, 2008

Guess Who?

I’m doing this cuz I’m being an ultimate procastinator uni can die XD. Plus, SuJu fandom is kinda slow these days and I really miss my boys ♥! 

Ok, so remember Candychu’s “How to recognise voices” post? (If you haven’t read it then you should! Its very useful and that girl took forever to write it up lol) Well its time to put what you’ve learnt (or already know) into practice.

Its pretty straightforward. Listen to the little clip embedded. Figure out who sang that part (and if your awesome, add in what song it is). Dont worry, I’m nice ^_^ , so there’s only ONE singer for each clip. Plus, I already said it was Suju related, so you’ve got a 1/15 chance of getting it right haha. Then go and click away on the polls or write your answer in the “Other” line. Its all fun and games, so just chill, relax and test yourself. Good luck! I will post up the answers in a few days XD

Also, I realised we haven’t posted up the answers for our “Name the songs #2 game” (haha we’re so slack *headsdesk*), so I’ll put them up under the cut :D

Game 1

Game 2

Pinkandsparkly’s = Suju M – Me

Candychu’s = SHINee – Real

Beckery’s = SM Town – Only Love


  1. only 2? i wish there was more.. ahehehe~~
    i love killing my time too guessing who’s suju member is singing on their songs. it’s hard when it’s hangeng, heechul and kibum parts..

    (that was pretty easy if you listen to suju songs 24/7. <3)

    I was the 10th voter :)

    I had a feeling you kept me in mind when you did this xP

    And I realised the song I chose was wrong. Instead of the one I put, I actually meant the one with the initials M.F ;)

  3. haha yayyy I think I got it right<3
    I think after listening to their second album like crazy…yah haha.

  4. oh I just checked. I wasnt the 10th voter. But I did vote twice lmao…in BOTH the polls AHAHAHA. Sorry, I got too excited XDDD

  5. ^ What? How could u vote twice? I thought I restricted the polls to once only =_= And stop procastinating, this wasnt for YOU to procastinate, it was meant for ME to procastinate pft…

  6. i remember being able to recognize only the 2nd song. no wonder, cos i’ve only heard of SuJu M’s Me once! and now i still can’t recall how it sounds like :)

  7. It is easy for the one who have listened for 123456789 times..
    I like to guess …thanks for making up this game.
    I think I am correct (99.99%)…Off to read How to recognize voices

  8. I know these two. Two of my favorite SJ members!!!

  9. (that was pretty easy if you listen to suju songs 24/7. <3)

    So yep, it was pretty easy. ^^

  10. HAHAHA XD yay! i think i know the songs too woooah im so coo’ heheh (:

  11. I totally got both of those right ^_^
    I’m a master at telling those boys apart B) and I listen to them like all day too =PP

  12. Going with Candychu’s “how to recognize voices”… I think it’s just pretty obvious because of the nuances in everyone’s voices. I think I’m better at figuring people out by voice than by sight. >.<

    I totally have no tips on how to do this. Maybe I’m a natural as well. ^_^;

  13. BLEH. BAD FANGIRL. I always fail at Suju voices TT-TT OH except Hankyung’s distinct accent (not so distinct now) and Ryeowook’s voice. And some others that…. I’m not naming at the moment. I don’t even know the SONGS which means I’m a terrible-er fangirl. KILL ME NOW -offers up for sacrificing-

    And lol I like the “Name that Song” game more ^^ It’s easier for me. I loved Candychu’s “How to recognize voices” post. She took forever writing it, I took forever reading it (playing around everywhere else on my computer).

  14. gelatin
    LOL. Trust me, I would love to do heaps more for you guys, but I can only procastinate to a certain point. If I overdo it, I’ll probably end up failing and you guys wont ever see or hear from me again =_= But since the response is good, I’ll do up a few more later XDD

    Haha if u listened to their 2nd album like crazy then I’m sure you did fine <3

    But that means you got the 1st song right? All good then XD

    Lol thanks for playing! I’ll try to make it harder next time, for people like you who have listened to it a million times =P

    Wow, that must have been really easy for you then! ^^

    LOL. How come everyone is finding it easy? I’ll try to make it harder next time XD

    Your cool for trying in the first place ^_^

    OHHH NO. Another one that found it too easy. You wait, I’ll make it harder next time =P

    LOL.I, on the other hand, totally suck at recognising voices!! It takes me forever to recognise them =_= So luck you for being naturally talent at it lol.

    Awwww dont worry. I had HEAPS of trouble in the first place too. I’m not kidding, I totally sucked at telling their voices apart. I just watched a lot of their performances to see who sings what and got use to the voices. I’m sure you’ll be able to recognise them later. XDD

    And about the songs, well it is pretty hard since I cut only 12sec of each song. Dont stress! This wasnt designed to stress you out *hugs* And no, I wont kill you <333 Lol we’ll do a “Name that song” game soon XD

  15. only two??
    come on, give em more..
    like this game so much

  16. Haha I’m glad you liked it. I’ll probably put up another one at the end of this week, before I leave for my hiatus since everyone seems to like it XD

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