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Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert DVD

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ITS FINALLY OUT!!! I’ve been waiting for this since their concert and its out, its finally out. You guys seriously dont know how deliriously happy I am right now ♥♥. This has so made my week XDDDDDDD

This is the Korean version which includes 2 DVDs + 100 page Orange Edition Photobook *drools*. The version with the awesome poster (I LOVE THEIR T.O.P POSE!!) is USD55.15 and without the poster, its USD38.695. Release date is 7th November. Preorder it now at DVD Heaven! I’ll put in the Yesasia link when I find it. Yesias with poster in tube || Yesasia with folded poster. Oh did I mention IT HAS ENGLISH SUBS!! ^_^

SHINHWA… The story of the destiny of 6 men
29-30 March 2008, Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium,
Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary concert live DVD + photobook
Don’t hold back the tears and emotions of those moments
The live concert DVD with a 100-pg all colour photobook!
Released as the “Orange Edition”
Shinhwa’s 10th Anniversary Concert


2 DVDs (full uncut concert)
+100p all-colour concert photobook (including previously unreleased cuts)
+ poster (limited production)

Never changed in the past 10 years, Shinhwa!
Their 10-year journey since their debut in 1998 with Hae Gyul Sah!
The six men of the longest-running idol group who has gone beyond being just idols
Their 10th anniversary concert

Shinhwa’s biggest and best event ever!!
With Eric having enlisted in October, you won’t be able to see Shinhwa in concert!
The music and dances from the last 10 years,
The charisma and power all included in Shinhwa’s definitive concert!!!

The uncut version of the concert on DVD!
T.O.P, Only One, Hae Gyul Sah, Eusha Eusha, I Pray 4 U, Hey Come On, Perfect Man, Brand New, Yo!, Once In A Lifetime…
Shinhwa’s many representative hit songs and dances
Breathing along with the members
Who present their last brilliant stage before enlistment!

SHINHWA MUST GO ON… Shinhwa will continue to live on!
The 10-year veteran group show off their spectacular stage performances!
The passion of the 6 men and the fans heated up the entire stadium

“We are Shinhwa. We are Shinhwa Changjo.”
Making a promise to the fans to stay together forever
The heartwarming and touching moments at the 10th anniversary concert!!

The six tough guys who broke down at the end
Their tears at the 10th Anniversary Special Party

The 10th Anniversary Seoul Concert DVD + Photobook
Korea’s representative icon, the legend of the music scene, Shinhwa
Celebrating their 10th anniversary with a live concert
All on 2 DVDs with a concert photobook, to be treasured forever…

The emotions and excitement of Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary concert
All embedded within 100 pages of unreleased photos

From the press conference to the concert, to the tears at the 10th Anniversary Special Party and backstage
The emotions and tears all captured in the photobook

The DVD also contains a hidden video to be discovered!
Find the concert making film for Shinhwa’s 10th anniversary!
Band practice, dance practice, concert rehearsals, backstage moments all revealed!
Browse the menu to find the video!

Source: O6 & DVDHEAVEN
Trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


  1. Cool! Hehe, will we see Solbi unnie? T.T, when Andy has to go, how will Solbi react? Anyway, can’t wait until I 1. get money then 2. get to use it on the Internet! You = LUCKY!

  2. ^ TRUE! Omg now that you’ve mentioned it, I hope they have little scenes of Solbi in the audience and backstage or something. That would be really sweet <3 Your not allowed to buy stuff over the net? Aww poor thing, there there. I’m sure there’s other ways to get it XD

  3. already pre-ordered it. ^^

  4. Yay it’s out … haha early Christmas present for myself :P I can’t wait to see what happened during the concert especially backstage. ooo I’d like to see if Solbi is featured in there too .. haha more importantly when Solbi & Andy “accidentally kissed” lol Dongwan’s work! ^_~

  5. bleaghh
    SAME!! I just preordered it lol. I also bought the “The greatest artist Shinhwa” collection XDDD I cant wait for it to come home. It should come home after I finish my exams, so it can be a little gift for myself for finishing my exams XDD

    OOH I loved that part in WGM. All thank to my awesome Wannie XD Yea, I’m treating it as a present for myself for finishing my exams XDD

  6. Hey, I bought that too! xDD Shinhwa (and the members) has been releasing a lot of things lately, we fans are very spoilt ^^. Even though this concert DVD may be their last in a few years.

  7. *hi5* Great minds think alike XDDDD I’ve wanted it since it came out, but I knew they would be releasing their concert DVD so I decided to wait to get both of them together. Then I can drown in eternity of Shinhwa-ness hahaha.

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