Posted by: beckery | October 22, 2008

Kim Jong Kook – Today More Than Yesterday MV

Watch the subbed version *HERE*

I’m aware that most the readers here are DBSK/Suju/SHINee fans etc. But this just has to be posted and spazzed over!!!

I wouldnt call myself a KJK fan, but I have a list full of favourites from him and who doesnt love the guy from Xman days?!?!? Him and Yoon Eun Hye make the most awesome couple ever ♥♥. They really should just fly into the sunset and get married NOW! haha ^_^

Anyways, KJK just released his MV and 5th album today, after 2 years in the army. And wow, I’ve already fallen in love with “Today More Than Yesterday”. Its a really sweet, love song with a beautiful melody. The MV is sooo cute. Well for those in love anyways -_-. For those that have just broken up with their boyfriend (poor thing!) or are lacking in the love side, then its probably best to avoid this haha. The MV is filled with lovey-dovey couples, holding hands, hugging and kissing etc. I think the 2 kids were the cutest thing ever XDDD Only regret is that YEH wasnt the female actress :(


  1. awww~  this mv is sooo cuuute *______*
    I also wish YEH would be the female actress~ but never mind~
    I sooo loveeee this guy <33 though I’ve got into Kpop (thus watched xman months later) after he enlisted to the army~ he is one of my favorite xman boys XD~ YEH x KJK are ment to be!!
    when I watched this mv i thought that it would be soo awesome if both of them get married someday *_________* best couple ever <3

  2. @_@ I’m away for awhile & I have to catch up on so much .. Lol though this grabbed my attention right away :)

    Yay!!! he’s finally back, the MV was really cute, I love the 2 lil kids :) they’re just adorable … I kinda wish they were pocket size so I can keep them haha. Lol the guy in the car looked like he proposed (since he gave the girl a ring) but he just got a kiss on the cheek @_@ if I was the girl I would have hugged him & kissed him to death :P Like youjuchan I was hoping the girl was YEH but it’s okay … maybe he’ll have her appear in one of his other MV’s ^_~

  3. I’m not as dedicated a fan of Kim Jong Kook as I am of, let’s say DBSK, but I think he is such an amazing singer. He has such a beautiful voice, and I’m a big fan of his MVs. This MV was just all kids of cute, especially with the little kids and the end where he was singing for the girl outside her window. I’m glad he’s back :)

  4. youjuchan
    Ohh I got into kpop before he went to the army, so I got a taste of his awesomeness before he left lol. Him and YEH are so so cute together. I love how they’re so protective of eachother during Xman shows. They should get together sometime on a show. That would be awesome XDD

    I was wondering where you were haha. I missed all those consecutive comments I got from you <3 I just realised that you know your kpop very well, dont you? I actually thought that no one here would be interested in KJK haha. But he’s a lovely guy and has really good songs <3

    Hi you! How come it feels like I havent heard from you in ages haha. Like you, I wouldnt call myself a KJK fan, but he is absolutely amazing isnt he? I was listening to his album and gosh the guy is awesome like always. He always produces such consistent, solid albums. And the best part is he doesnt go with the trend and his songs are always so his style <33

  5. ^ Lol I’ve been pulling a lot of over time at the hospital since it seems like everyone’s becoming sick @_@ cause of the weather changing up here in Canada. Haha it can’t be helped my younger sister’s a huge Big Bang fan so she tends to follow Kpop, I ended up learning most of the stuff because of her since the computer with her all the Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Australian, European, etc music is in my room, so she tends to hang out there even if I’m gonna head to bed so I tend to listen to what she says.

    Haha well I wasn’t really into Kpop as much as I am now, but I did know who KJK was and of course the ultimate boy/man band Shinhwa! lol

  6. ^ Oooh well dont work too hard and dont get sick! <3 Aww your such a nice sister. I wished I had a cool little sister, but nooo all I have is an annoying brother T_T I’ve been in kpop for around 5/6 years now, so I do know my way around haha. Most girls are fans of boy bands now. I like my boy bands heaps, but there’s some really talented singers out there that just dont get enough recognition. KJK included :(

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