Posted by: beckery | October 23, 2008

Dongwan’s enlistment…

Just read at Shinhwabiz that Dongwan’s official enlistment date is 17th November. ARGGHHH ANOTHER ONE GOING!!!!! I knew it was comming, but the 17th is way too soon. Dont leave me Wannie *clings to him*. However, there is good news! The awesome guy will be releasing a single in early November, as a last gift for fans ^_^ What a sweetheart ♥

Its kinda obvious that he’s my favourite Shinhwa boy since forever. Actually, my favourite member keeps changing, but its been Dongwan for the past 2/3 years which is an amazing feat for me. Yes, he isnt what you would describe as classically handsome, nor is he the best dancer, actor and singer in the world. Yet I still love him so so much, cuz of his awesome personality and heart of gold. ♥♥

I actually thought that he would be enlisting during my exams. So I was worried that I wouldnt be able to do a countdown thing for him like Eric’s, which would be kinda unfair cuz you know, he is my future hubby and all XDDD haha. But weeeeeeee its 5 days after my last exam! So yup, expect a short countdown for him!

And because I feel like drowning my misery with gorgeous pictures of his. Some photos of his behind the scene calendar photoshoot under the cut….

Credits: on pics+onlyshinhwa+shinhwathailand


  1. it’s kinda saddening that he doesn’t get to spend his birthday with the fans, considering it’s only a few days away D:.

  2. :( another one is going, well at least i’ll be able to hear his album before he leaves us all. I was hoping Eric’s solo album was gonna come out but I’m guessing that was just a rumor. Anyways he looks good in those pics :) Hehe don’t you wish he’d really give you a bouquet of flowers every month.

  3. bleaghh
    It is :( I’m sure the fans will think of him though. I sure will….My bb <3

    I’m still a bit upset about the whole Eric album issue. I was so excited for it! It would be his first solo album and the news articles stated there was like a 97% chance of it happening or something…then yea, nothing! Lol no, I’d rather he give me flowers every day XDD I’m greedy okk. But you know whats better? Him not leaving us at all *tear*

  4. I AM SO ASS$#$^!ING DEPRESSED .________.
    i’ve been dreading hearing about his enlistment…
    *gets a hand cramp from saving pictures*

  5. roz
    Hi there! Havent seen you for ages, my fellow dongwan lover XDDD haha. Yes, I’m drowning myself in depression atm. Just as I go over Eric’s leave, they give me news about Dongwans and I’m mourning all over again…Lovely pictures arent they. My Wannie is so handsome and cute <33

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