Posted by: beckery | October 23, 2008

Eric – BASSOWICUS F/W2008 Collection

I’m on a Shinhwa spree XD There are some old photos, but most are new photos of him modelling for Basso. The photos are a bit too photoshopped for my taste, but hey, its Eric and he’s still hot, as always. I miss the guy T_T

Credits: BASSO + UB + BestShinhwa + ShinhwaThailand

My favourite (doesnt he look gorgeous! <3)

Click to enlarge (theres like 5 photos to a strip XD)


  1. He looks good :) I miss him already :( I love him wearing all those different suits … he looks yummy!


    He looks gorgey as usual. *____* Thanks for posting this! Let’s keep the Shinhwa love going, y/y? lol

  3. babiegel
    I miss him too *hugs you* These pictures make me miss him so much more..

    *hugs you too* I MISS HIM TOO!!!!!!!!!!! Yea, I kinda took a Shinhwa break after Eric’s enlistment, but I’m back full blast XDD. Let’s treasure the boys before they head off to the army :(

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