Posted by: beckery | October 23, 2008

Hyesung – Tetris Together

Listen to it *HERE*

HAHAHAHA I thought this was soooo random XDD “Tetris Together” is the main theme song for Tetris. As in Tetris the block game lol. I’m actually a Tetris fanatic. It was my first GameBoy game and also the first game I downloaded for my DS. So now, whenever I play it, I shall think of Hyesung ^_^…

I thought the song would turn out comical, but it turned out to be really good O_O Hyesung sure is talented. Must go hunt down the d/l link now XD


  1. heck, Hyesung made a Banana song sounds good. xDD

  2. @_@ Hyesung & Tetris … weird but works! lol it sounds pretty good :)

  3. bleaghh
    Hahaha you are sooo right. Lets not forget their “Daebab” song too XD

    Lol cuz the guy is amazing <3

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