Posted by: beckery | October 23, 2008

Preorder SHINee’s Repackage

Preorder SHINee Vol.1 – Amigo (repackage) at Yesasia.

Release date is 30th (Yesasia says 31st) October. The repackage includes 15 songs with 3 (kinda) new songs, ‘Amigo’, ‘Forever or Never’ and “Love should go on” (Plugged by DJ_Oneshot). I wonder what ‘Amigo’ will be like, but I’m sure it’ll be great anyways!

Father SM really loves his repackages doesnt he? I’m thinking, maybe theres going to be a repackage repackaged after this with probably a photobook or something and then a repackage repackage repackaged with an extra dvd? =_= Hey, you never know ok? XDD haha.

P.S Sorry to the SHINee fans for the lack of updates recently. Pinkandsparkly and I totally fail at stalking them. But, I assure you when Candychu comes back,  you’ll have your yearly supply of SHINee posts lol ♥


  1. LOL YES I totally want to buy all the versions, but I figured I should just wait for all of the repackages to come out. >_>

    And hey~ I think you and PAS are doing a good job already with the Shinee updates. XD

  2. oo lucky i was broke earlier on and couldn’t get myself the album. totally gonna get this one even if that picture above is actually the real album cover. very very very simple, MinHo kinda looks like TaeMin and Key doesn’t look like himself :)

  3. Hey, you guys are doing pretty well with the SHINee updates. I have to say I didn’t really expect there to be any stuff on here about SHINee with Candychu gone (just cause you and PAS don’t seem too into them) so I’m just happy you’re covering them at all. Thank you.

    I’m finally feeling the pain of SM’s repackage syndrome. Oy, I already bought it once but I must support my boys. BTW, there’s an Amigo preview up on YT – it’s not really clear but…

  4. etherenia
    Aww thank you *hugs* Lol smart girl! Yea, just wait a while. I have a feeling another version will come out =_=

    Lol lucky you! I actually kinda like the album cover. They all look so lovey dovey haha. Except, I dont really like black and white photos, I prefer my colours XD

    Aww thank you! Yea, we’re not diehard fans like Candychu We have that whole pedo-ing issue we cant get over hahaha. But we’ll try to do as much as possible, until Candychu comes back XDDD Wow, buying both editions. Your such a good fan <3

  5. how much is the repackage album?

    i really want to have one!!!!!!!

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