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081023 Mnet MCountdown

DBSK – Mirotic Performance. Results + Encore. Yup, the boys won again this week. Congrats XDD! But talk about intense competition. There was only an 18 point difference between them and the Wonder Girls O_O I have no comment on the whole which group is better than which and who deserves it more than who issue. Lets all have some good sportsmanship and congratulate whoever won XDDD

Other performances that I’ve found so far: Wonder Girls – Nobody || 2PM – Only You || Rain – Rainism, Love Story (omg he was standing on top of a piano singing *_*)

However, I thought the best performance of the night went to Son Ho Young and 2PM’s collaboration of “To My Mother” (G.O.D song). They did a wonderful job at it! When I first heard this song ages ago, I thought that the song was alright and had a nice beat. But when I finally knew what the lyrics were about, I grew to love the song to pieces♥♥ Its sooooo touching and heartbreakingly sad :'((( The love a mother has for her child is one of the most precious things in the world. And if I keep talking, I’ll sound really emo so I’ll stop there haha. But I’m going to put the translation of the lyrics under the cut, because meaningful songs like these must be shared XDD Oh and: MV of the original version by G.O.D || EunTeuk’s version on Sukira

To My Mother
translation by: bangku (also credit:

Mother I miss you.

From the time I was young, we were poor.
Unlike other people we didn’t eat out much.
If my Mom wasn’t at home I would eat instant noodles alone.
But I got really tired of instant noodles.
So I yelled at Mom for better food.
And forced her to take out the emergency money
That had been hidden.
To order chinese noodles for us. I was really happy.
But Mother didn’t eat for some reason.
Mother said she didn’t like chinese noodles.
Mother said she didn’t like chinese noodles.

Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. We regret and tears fall.
Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. It really hurts but we smile again.

When I was in the first year of middle school,
It was time to open our lunch boxes and eat.
We all opened our lunch boxes together to share.
Some rich kid yelled at me
because I had lousy side dishes.
I was ashamed and started to cry.
Then that jerk started teasing me.
I couldn’t take it, so I punched him in the face.
Mother came to school from work.
She was called for. No, she was dragged in.
This will never happen again she begged.
With her head down to that jerk’s Mom my mother begged.
My mother begged.

Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. We regret and tears fall.
Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. It really hurts but we smile again.

Even without Father we finally made it.
We finally opened a small restaurant.
It wasn’t big, but we were happy.
Tears came from Mom’s wrinkled eyes.
We used Mom’s and my first name to name the restaurant.
We named the restaurant and offered our prayers.
It was late at night, but nobody left.
People kept on congratulating us.
It was midnight when everyone left.
Mother was very tired, she quickly fell into a deep sleep.
And she never woke up again.

I loved you
even though I never once told you.
I love you. Rest now
forever in the world without me.

Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. We regret and tears fall.
Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. It really hurts but we smile again.

Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. We regret and tears fall.
Yah-ee yah-ee yah-a-a
That’s how we live. It really hurts but we smile again.


  1. I love both groups! Wahhh!

  2. o_o I LOVED that performance of To My Mother!!! I really liked all the rapping haha.
    Congrats to DBSK for winning #1 again. They sure are doing well on these countdowns ^_^.

  3. the lyrics just break my heart, i recommend watching “Under the Honey Chestnut Tree”, you can find it on youtube as “the Chestnut Tree” by picnicproductions, it completely reminds me of these lyrics

  4. Rain is hot in th Rainism, I just love th dance steps, tho th ‘candy’ stick at th end , red color doesn’t really match. Anyways, grats to DBSK for winning again :D

  5. wgshinki
    I have to admit I like DBSK more, but WG are awesome aswell. I dont see why fans have to argue about these awards =_=

    It was a lovely performance ♥ Yea, the boys are doing great. Plenty more awards to come haha.

    The song is so meaningful! Oh thanks for the recommendation. I will watch it when I have time XDD

    I didnt watch the Rainism performance haha. Im not too fond of that song. But his Love Story performance was great as always ♥

  6. >.<

    I was sooo teary after watching the SHY and 2PM collab. And then I watched Rain and listened to his “I wanna be a bad bad boy….” The dance is awesome, but I can’t get over the lyrics. It’s like… a giant hair sticking out of a mole on an otherwise pretty face.

    And although I don’t like either Mirotic or Nobody any more than the other one… I think it’s just because DBSK sings their hearts out. (And the Cassie power…)

  7. Edit:

    Was it just me, or was anyone else vaguely amused by the big banner during Mirotic that said “IDOL WAR”… which it was, but yeah.. I’m easily amused.

  8. T_T I love this song … this was one of the first songs that I actually heard which got me into Kpop.
    Congrats to the boys getting #1 again :) that’s expected though … soon it won’t be “Idol War” anymore … soon it’ll be the battle between the male solo’s Rain, KJK and SHY haha can’t wait for that … 3 HOT men, 3unique voices, 3 different feels of music :)

  9. dainty10
    Awwww *hands you a tissue* I completely understand, the song is so darn touching! HAHA at your comparison though. Yea, I dont like the song that much either. I prefer Love Story anyday XD Yea, I think both songs are catchy and good in their own ways. Someone might prefer Mirotic, whilst others prefer Nobody.

    LOL. I didnt realise it, but your so cute <3

    I totally agree with what you said about the male solo artists. All three men are established and great solo singers in their own way. I think KJK has one of the most unique voices ever. SHY has this raspy, manly feel to his and Rain just sounds like Rain in his unique way hahaha. I’m going a bit crazy from too much studying here XD

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