Posted by: beckery | October 24, 2008

Minho at Ha Sang Baek’s Fashion Show

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Wow, is Minho becoming popular or what? Another fashion show under his belt, I’m impressed. Again, he DOES NOT LOOK HIS AGE!!!!! In the other show, he gave off a more “princely” vibe. Whereas in this one, he looks kinda more rugged, mature and model like. Idek. This is what goodlooking boys + studying does to me ok haha. I’m really digging that hair on him though ♥

The clothes aren’t as eccentric and out there as Andre Kim’s, but that bathroom robe can definitely disappear please. And why is he holding a baseball bat? HAHAHAHA. Thats not even a baseball outfit XDDD


  1. Waaaaaaaaaaahhhhh~

    I refuse to accept that he’s 16!!! DAMN YOU MR.SMELLY!!!!!

  2. p.s.
    Im not being mean or anything but I keep noticing that Minho’s left eye is smaller than the other. o___O —-> Well, not exactly like that but you know. Ohvell.

  3. ^ me too… he can’t be 16, he looks older!

  4. moonynim
    No, I actually didnt notice that HAHA. You funny girl. But now that you’ve mentioned it..kinda? haha

    He looks older than me and I’m definitely not 16 lol

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