Posted by: beckery | October 24, 2008

SHINee ‘Amigo’ Preview

Credits to chanesechic @ youtube

Thanks yumimaki for the link!

Its only a 45sec preview, but so far it sounds pretty good. “Cold Heart baby…cold eyes baby” lol. Now Im wondering what the song is going to be about. The style kinda reminds me of SM’s latest songs like ‘Mirotic’ or ‘Eat You Up’. Not exactly SMP style….

I’m not too sure, but aren’t they actually releasing the full song today? :S


  1. Seriously sounds nice :D And does amigo means friend? I don’t know, my brain is kind of stuck now, so I can’t really rmb th meaning.

  2. ^Amigo is friend but I think it’s actually the first syllables of a sentence if I remember right. Ah~~Mi~~Go~~

    As usual, it’ll take some getting used to, but a perf. will probably put all doubts to rest. More magic dance moves! And for some reason the chorus reminds me of Sexyback. {8I

  3. Nuragerl
    I think so. But I read somewhere that in Korean, it means “you will suffer if you like a beautiful woman”…

    I think I’ll need to listen to the whole song before I can judge. But a new MV and some live performances always does the trick haha XD

  4. This sounds nice :) Will have to wait till the full version is out, but Shinee hasn’t disappointed me with any of their songs yet.

  5. Okay I know you banned me from commenting until Tuesday on my last exam~~ LMAO But I needed to keep Shinee updated so I knew when the CD was coming out. <3 And I am bored of studying sooo…

    The full song is now released!!! It is here:

    It is not like an instant love, LIKE LOVE’S WAY OMFG I have had that long on repeat for hours, but the choreography for this could potentially make me faint and die. I just think it is hecka repetitive and the screaming is kinda of cute but after awhile, not so cute. I wonder if they will do an MV?! I think no, but I have seen alot of comments suggesting one. Questionable. I guess they need to promote the repackage though?

    I like that it has some Spanish to just because I will suggest to my parents I am getting a CD on how to learn language for educational purposes! … OMFG it is in Korean to. SO SLOW. I cannot believe I missed that. I should just know the language by now considering how long I listen to it though so it doesn’t count. :PP

  6. I love the way they say sexy, OMG~
    Go SM for the sexy concept now ^-^

  7. I love Key’s rap in th full version. So Amigo in Korean means something like “you will suffer if you like a beautiful woman”… Not bad, I can’t wait for them to perform this live!

  8. babiegel
    The full version is out. Did u like it?

    LOL. You naughty girl. I didnt really think you would listen to me anyways =P But thank you for the linkage! I’ve listened to the song, but for now I’ll say “no comment”. I need to listen to it a few more times and watch a few live performances with awesome sauce dancing and hopefully a great MV. Then I’ll get back to you on what I thought of the song lol.

    Lol at your way of tricking your parents!! Do you pay for it yourself? Cuz if you do, I’m sure your parents wont care. If they pay for it then yea, I guess tricking them is necessary haha XD

    Now, go back to study and come back after you exam. Goodluck <3

    Alex Ryom
    I dont mind the sex up concept, but I just hope they dont make the boys go on stage half naked :S Haha. That would be a tad disturbing lol.

    Yea, I’m waiting for the live performance too. I wanna see what their choreo is going to be like XD

  9. ^ yeah i finally got to hear the full version :)
    I’m loving it! I’m impressed with their live .. the dancing was hot!

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