Posted by: beckery | October 24, 2008

Suju M on ifensi Chat

*Part 1* The rest can be found at Tiantianmi’s Channel!

There are no subs for these yet, but –dreamx at Soompi has posted up the whole translation! Hankyung wasn’t there because of his filming.

Anyways, the whole point of this post isnt really about the show haha, but because of Donghae’s haircut. I was aware he got a haircut, but I never got to see clear photos of it till now. And gosh he looks SO FINE! ♥ Goodbye long hair, Hello~ nice, short, sexy hair XDDD He looks younger and hotter, but a bit skinnier :( Or maybe thats cuz he’s losing weight, the poor bb. And I’m really digging their clothes. The baby blue and white theme is hawt! I think Siwon got a haircut aswell, but umm yea, no comment on it haha.

These two photos *HERE* and *HERE* are especially for you Candychu ♥

Credits to; baidu; soompi


  1. lol siwon’s hair is like zhoumi’s twin back when suju m debutedxD

    Hae looks so much better with short hair. He looks like a cute young boy which makes him adorkablexD

    Kyunhyunnie’s sexayy as always though lol.

  2. Lol I actually think Siwon kinda looks dopy :| But yea, I’m just glad they finally gave Hae a haircut XDDD

  3. jalksjdflk a friend showed me a picture from this set and i was so happy only about the haircut D: lol. i didn’t pay attention to the other members :’D

  4. aww they all look so cute and cheery. especially siwonnie.

    the haircuts (and wardrobe changes) all around were much needed. Everyone looks much much much better. I especially like Henry’s for some reason. Maybe bc I can finally see his face? ^^;

  5. saranghaeyo donghae !
    you are the most handsome of all suju !

  6. yay for haircuts :) I like Donghae’s cut since I can finally see his face properly. @_@ what happened to his hand? He looks pretty tired & thin. Siwon’s back to black hair, T_T I liked his brown hair on him. Kyu looks good, lol another Changmin in the making. >.< no solo of Ryeowook but the white & baby blue looks good on him :) Zhou’s HOT in here & Henry’s wardrobe looks good :) haha more natural looking & seems like his hair’s grown a bit which is O_o since he had a shorter hair cut at the SM Town which was only a few weeks ago.


    -cough- Sorry. I just hated his long hair. =.=”

  8. etherenia
    Yea, I was just staring at Hae’s haircut and crying tears of joys (just joking XD) haha. But, I was seriously happy about it!

    I agree! Maybe, they finally hired some decent stylists? Whatever it is, I very much welcome the change. I liked Henry’s outfit aswell. Its casual, but nice.

    XD He looks great with the new hair!

    I didnt even notice the hand. But yea, wonder what happened. They all look quite tired. I wish they should get more decent rest =_= I really like the baby blue and white theme haha. Probably cuz baby blue is one of my favourite colours lol. And they all look great here.<3

    Alex Ryom
    LOL DONT WORRY I’M CELEBRATING WITH YOU!! I didnt like his long hair either -_-

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