Posted by: beckery | October 25, 2008

081025 Music Core

Yoochun and Yunho (2U♥) were special MC’s, along with Solbi for tonight’s Music Core. Thanks to mickytoho, you can find the subbed cuts *HERE*. I dont have time at the moment to watch it, but apparently they were really funny, cute and of course, sizzling hot XD And man, how lucky is Solbi!! First its with Andy on WGM. Then its meeting the Shinhwa boys and going to their concert. Then she got to MC alongside Daesung and Seungri on Music Core. And NOW, she gets to MC with 2U for one night..You gotta admit, she’s one lucky girl haha. Yes, I’m jealous, but its ok, cuz I still adore her <3

The artists line up is great tonight. I’m especially excited about Kim Jong Kook’s (I’m pretty sure its his comeback stage) and H-Eugene’s performances XD

DBSK – Mirotic || Wonder Girls – Nobody || Rain – Rainism || KJK – Today more than yesterday || H-Eugene ft Ye Eun – Baby I Love You || 2PM – Only You


  1. KJK! I was waiting for this comeback performance ^_^

    Yunho was so cute in the inverview!! Especially with the little red bow tie and he was playing around with the mic hehe.

    The girl (Solbi?): You two will sing my wedding song right?
    YH: Of course, of course!
    S: I knew I could count on DBSK!
    YH: Wait wait wait, we need to discuss with manager first, get permission, and… *thinks real hard* Oh yes! Money!
    S: -_-”
    YH: (to YC) Quick quick! Introduce the next performer!!!

    I’m so happy to hear that there’s a more affordable version of their Third Live Tour out!! Almost a third of the Japanese version :D.

  2. About the KJK comeback, the fans had an awesome chant. Cassies need to learn a thing or two from them sometimes xD.

  3. abc123zyx
    I was waiting for his comeback too!! His lives are always always so impressive *_* And your right, Cassies really need to learn from the pro’s here haha.

    I thought the boys did a great job. Very happy chappy and bouncy. Some parts were soooo scripted that it made me laugh so much ahahaha. Solbi was really cute with them though XDDD

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