Posted by: potensvita | October 25, 2008

Yes, I am really NEAR. I am coming.

laughs. I want to really laugh at my lame joke. Because in the song of Near, there is a monologue of Stephanie which is talking to the phone.

Laughs. so, anyway, someone (a kind soul) in soompi had posted a preview of the NEAR PV. lol.

credit : ziyuNO7 @ youtube.


  1. Um, I think my brain melted when Stephanie said “Hey baby.”
    They all look so good, especially my baby Lina.
    The song is really good too, they always sound amazing.
    Can’t wait for the full PV.

  2. The song sounds amazing! BTW, here’s the full song!

    And, have you guys seen the latest Clazziquai MV, Flea?

  3. The type of jpop song I really enjoy! I’ve always think CSJH is a very talented group and I love their voices but I didn’t really enjoy their old works. I am so glad they are going towards this direction. Really like their recent works <3

  4. They’re soo pretty and sexy as always and Steph sounds good in English (I say this because I feel even though YooChun doesn’t get to speak as much English as Steph, I hear the accent in him more than Steph.).

    I like HERE more than NEAR though…even though it rhymes lol.

  5. yay i’m Here!
    steph ♥ to be honest, the first time i heard the song and steph’s voice came on, i was cracking up real badly lol >.> don’t mind me.. idk it just doesn’t seem like how she would talk in real life.

    i think i’m looking forward to the Here PV offshoot more than the Near PV since in the offshoot the girls were acting so silly =D

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