Posted by: pinkandsparkly | October 27, 2008

Guess Who? #2

Its actually Beckery here, but I’m posting it under PAS (so she can reply to comments) cuz this is going to be my last post for the next 3 weeks or maybe longer if I dont survive my exams =_=

The last Guess Who? Game turned out to be quite a blast ^_^, so I’m doing another one now before I go. However, this time there are more groups involved, so that Suju fans arent the only ones having fun haha. Same old rules as the last one. Write person singing and if your awesome, the song. I’ve noticed alot of people left their answers blank in the last game. Theres a line under the “Other” option and all you have to do is type your answer there, click “other” and submit the thing.

Ok, have fun and goodluck ♥ Answers for the last game under the cut, I’ll give PAS the answers for these so she can post it up later.




Big Bang

Game 1: Donghae – Midnight Fantasy

Game 2: Kyuhyun – Mirror


  1. Game 2: Mirror – Kyuhyun?? WOW! I really thought that it was Yesung. Actually I was so sure that it was Yesung.. lol.. I guess I was wrong then. ^^; But I got Donghae right though.. Now on for the new ones.. sounds really hard to me.

  2. *steps out cautiously from the corner* *clears throat* ahem….hehe….hi there….i should introduce myself…well…as your can see; i’m sure you all have never seen me on here…well….lol that’s because i’ve been secretly stalking your blog for ages now…and well i just thought i’d come out of hiding…*nervous laugh* do as you wish with me *hands you the knife* lol so sorry for being silent/unknown for soooooo looonnnng….heh heh… *bows* lol i made an account just so i’d be able to comment. And i had to try this game even though i know i probably got most of them (with the exception of one) wrong. lol welps….i’m so glad i got that guilt load off my chest!!! i feel better now!! ^_^ i just want to say thanksies so berries much for keeping me updated lol i tune this this blog everyday; EVERYDAY. so the least i could do is comment (for the first time) hopefully i’ll be a regular ^_^ so i’ll try to comment more often (even though i don’t think i’ll put good use to my account) hehe…thankx again and i’m so sorry (again) hehe…

  3. LOL, that was fun! wonder how i did, i think i definately got the DBSK one…the suju one was tougher.

    ah well, i know i got all the songs right. Cept’ the Big Bang one >_> didnt even try for that one.

    Oh btw! new commenter, i wanna thank you guys for all ur hard work! without u id be in tha dark about most things. <3

  4. yayy I think I got a little confused for suju but the rest, I was like yay I love you boys<3 lol it was all my fav. members<3

  5. oooh these were tough ones.

    and the shinee one… even tho i know their voices… why am i confused?!

    and i had to process of elimination the suju one. i haven’t been watching them lately… i forgot all of them. *gasp* is that possible?

  6. Lulz. I saw DBSK in the game, and knew I had to play. I can distinguish those boys’ voices too easily. XDDDD Same with the Big Bang voices, haha.

    But I don’t listen to Suju that much…hm. Maybe I should. >_<

  7. That’s one of my favorite DBSK songs, so I’m pretty sure I got it right.
    I suck with SuJu. 13 voices is a bit too hard for me to distinguish. I only know Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, and Shindong’s.
    I’m not completely sure about the SHINee one, but I think I got it.
    I fail at Big Bang as well haha.

  8. lol so easy. DBSK’s is sooo easy XDD suju well i dnt listen to their song much and their voice sounds almost the same LOL. BB/shinee is so easy even though i dnt listen to their song much. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  9. I got the previous ones right :D! This time I’m pretty sure about the DBSK and Big Bang’s ones, but not 100% sure about Suju’s..

    I love this game anyway xD.

  10. game 1: donghae
    i’m a little bit confused for leeteuk and donghae.. hehehe..
    kyuhyun on mirror, definitely
    i’m couldn’t wrong for kyu voice.. hehehe…

    SHINee, DBSK and suju is a little bit easy for me
    becoz i listen to their song everytime
    but BIG Bang
    really hard
    rarely listen their song.. XDDDD

  11. Heh this is fun (although I really should be studying!)

    Lol anyway! You’re evil for picking that Bigbang song x) It’s so… coughnewcough! I looooove that song anyways, puahaha.

    Ooh keep doing more of these, haha ♥

  12. Woot i got the last game answers right!
    and i’m pretty sure i got these ones right too, except for the Suju one, omgg i faillllll.
    But you’re awesome for using that dbsk song cuz it is my all time favorite song of theirs and it is totally underrated!! =PP
    Shinee/big bang was easy =)

  13. Blehh, I haven’t listened to SuJu in so long that I forgot all the members and their voices xD [Not their names, just… yeah.]
    But I think I got the other three right^^ 5 members is easier, lol.

  14. I know I got only two songs right SJ’s and SHINee’s. Now I am wondering what’s the song of DBSK is playing….makes me wanna listen more
    Thanks for the Game..
    Yah this time is not easy for me..I had to listen SJ’s song cut 5 times. SHINee’s song cut is OK for me since his voice is so distinct from other members.
    But I am failed at DBSK and BIG BANG.

  15. keep these games coming! they are fun xD

    forgot to write the song names :S

  16. YAY!! Got the last one right ^^

    I definitely got DBSK one @__@
    Suju is a little hard =.=
    I don’t really listen to SHINee… but I think I got it right xD
    I love Big Bang, but I don’t listen to them, so I totally fail at recognizing their voice… T__T

  17. hehhehe i got it right with the Game 1 :D coool! ohhh the suju one was a bit hard -_- i have to repeat it, the rest lol i am super confident hehehe 8DDDD

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