Posted by: potensvita | October 28, 2008

The FACE tour, brought to you by BoA

Actually, I had meant to post this since like FOREVER but somehow, life just like to make fun of you and throw you off track.

Anyway, the main thing is … I am here and here is the FACE tour by BoA. haha. I love this girl. This time, her tour isn’t in the arena tour like the THSK’s T tour. In fact, the venue was smaller and the stage was smaller but the amount of tour in a month had increased to 17.

I really had no idea why she or her management would do so, but ….. somehow, I think it had to do with her debut into the America market.

This might be one of her last tour in Japan for a long time to come, and that is why, I am a bit sad. I had always craved for her tours. because in tours, you really get to see how work up the artist is at performing and you get to hear song that was never promoted.

THIS FACE TOUR is one of the best tour ever. It could even fight the BoAtheLive tour for me because these two tour was like heaven for me.

Anyway, I am going to post a playlist of her the FACE tour.

^^ collected by moi and posted by AllaboutBoa (PS : i like the name)

If I have time, I will post some of the emotional pictures. So, I am going to rewatch this tour! Her dance moves are fantastic. but the highlight is when she did all the medley for her past work.

Another point to be taken noticed is all her band remained the same throughout the years. I love the piano guy and the guitarist. fantastic!! haha. gosh, I am talking too much. but this tour is a MUST WATCH. the dance is fantastic, especially for Bad Drive. haha. the only complain I have is her HAIR. other, I love it. ^^

I don’t want to ramble on anymore. I might bored you.


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