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081026 SHINee – Amigo

Thanks to ringy for the link! Listen to the studio version *HERE*

I’ll edit this tomorrow after I watch their performance on Inkigayo. Right now, the song is so-so to me. But performances with hot dancing always does wonders, so we shall see XDD

Credits to claramago @ youtube

Fans sure are fast. BBL to edit. Lol I forgot that I didnt edit this :S Anyways, watched the performance, loved the performance and starting to like the song more. Need I say more? Haha, YES I DO!! THE LIVE PERFORMANCE WAS AWESOME!!! I was iffy about the song at first, cuz it just didnt have that “it” factor, I was looking for. Like I just didnt feel it….

But BUT, as expected, the performance did wonders. The fact that they were oozing with charisma and confidence, makes the song mucho more attractive ♥ I was expecting the choreo to be a bit more hardcore, but I guess too hardcore makes it hard to give such great lives. The dance intermission did make up for it though. Taemin *_* Why are you so young?!!! And is it wrong if I say I love the rap the most? haha. Anyways, we expected, they delivered (as always). Great performance! ♥

::EDIT:: candychu: Omg this is the first time I’m hearing the full song and it’s also the first performance I have seen of theirs since watching the Asia Song Festival Cut XD. HOW I’VE MISSED SHINee ;___; WAAH Omg this is so exciting. I only saw Onew’s new haircut so seeing the others’ new hairstyles was a bit weird at first. And my eyes were going everywhere during the first few seconds cause I didn’t know who to look at XD Why my eyes landed on Taemin, I have no idea. And lol just when I was thinking “Damn why is everyone so hot” Onew started singing and I immediately went “AWWWWWWWWWW”. He’s so adorable, my goodness! Don’t you just want to pat his head or something? THE RAP THE RAP AND KEY’S FINGER WAGGING ALSKASLKDJLAKSJD. AND THE DANCE INTERVAL !!!! I LOVE THE CHOREOGRAPHY!! There’s so much footwork (their legs – I am so jealous and ashamed XD) that’s simple and complicated at the same time. Very SHINee style ;) I think Taemin’s solo here is less cracktastic than his one in Replay. At least fans won’t be editing his body into a pool? XDD But really, he needs to stop looking so sexy good all the time.

WEEE~! How I’ve missed fandom :D/

I’m kinda depressed with the depreciating AUD atm though because it means if I were to buy this CD online, it would cost like almost double what it actually is. And since I still refuse to download their album, I still won’t be able to listen to songs for a while ;_____;

Anyway, *rewatches performance while chanting AMIGO* /edit

Oh and translations of the song under the cut.

Translation credits: sanbi + in.blingblinglove @
Click to enlarge


  1. idk don’t bash me but when I read “ice princess”, I thought of Jessica from SNSD lmao.

    But anyway this song is alright. Like…not bad but its not impressing me.

  2. idk, I really like this song actually. imo, not their BEST, but it’s good. It’s really good. And no doubt it’s a SEXY song. But is it just me, or does this song (the beat/feeling) sound like Mirotic?

    I WILL WATCH INKIGAYO IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO. I refuse to sleep without watching it!!

  3. …Those boys make everyone a pedo-noona, I swear.

    It felt more like Eat You Up to me…Hm. Either way, I loveeee it. It’s just plain great. <3

  4. I agree tht this song reminds me of Mirotic, but it doesn’t sound like to me. SM is up with Sexy concept for these boys i guess. Anyways, th song is not bad :D SHINee hwaiting!

  5. I’m so gonna recomment about this, their new hairstyles, not bad, loving Taemin’s one(somehow?). Th dance is cool too (: Now what I want is a music video hahas, just joking :D

  6. Oh, but you didn’t say what you thought about the performance…

  7. I like the dance a lottttt :]
    I didn’t like the song that much the first time, but after watching their performance, I love it now.
    I swear, just watching them dance changes everything…

  8. this was such a hot performance.
    I love how Minho got a lot of attention and his charismatic moves <3
    ‘cold heart baby, cold eyes baby’.
    the song is very upbeat and catchy.
    thank goodness I’m only a noona to Taemin :D

  9. I already liked this song, but I have to admit that watching the perf made me like it even more~ *____* Some of the hairstyles made me lol a little, though. I definitely liked the choreo, especially those parts where Taemin comes in… although I thought Minho looked the best dancing that part, lol.

    (imeem link 8D?)

  10. ahh… I want to leave a more coherent comment… but I saw Taemin’s hair and I went… HOOTTTTT.. *I’m definitely just a pervy noona fan.* T__T

  11. i didn’t like this at song at first. but after the perf. i liked the song and the dance.

    ..random but if you go here
    you could hear the english version of tvxq’s wrong number..

  12. Ir
    Lol why would we bash you at that? Your so cute <3

    Its a very sexy song. SM is leaning towards sex up these days haha. I didnt really like the song at first, but its kinda growing on me. Definitely not their best. I think it has both a Mirotic and Eat You Up feel to it haha.

    Join the club T_T about the noona thing. Lol.

    Yea, I really like Taemin’s hairstyle, but it just makes me feel worst CUZ HE IS YOUNGER THAN ME ARGHHH!!!! They all looked great in the performance actually. I couldnt help but oogle Jonghyun when he was hitting his high note. The camera went to him and omg he looks so sexy when he’s sweaty hahahah. Hey! that rhymes XDD

    Haha yea sorry about that. Was studying so I forgot about editing. But now I have, so your turn to tell me what you think =P

    I still dont exactly “love” the song, but its definitely grown on me. Their dance is A for awesome like always XDD

    I know! MInho was hot rapping. Aish, I just did not say that *headsdesk* He’s sixteen, SIXTEEN! Awww lucky you. I’m a nuna to all of them T_T

    Aw I dont really really use imeem, but thanks for the linkage <3 Yea, the performance has made me like the song more. They were just oozing with confidence and the rap was so hot XD

    Nah, your comment turned out pretty coherent haha. Main point: Lets be pedo’s together =_=

    I agree with you. And thanks for the linkage. Will listen to it later XDD

  13. Gahh, I love this song… It’s so sexy. xD
    And wow, the lyrics are totally not what I thought they would be. The SHINee boys are growing up! D:
    Love their hair :D

  14. It’s okay. Just thought I’d point it out.

    Ah, the rap’s my favourite part too. And I love it so much more now that I saw Key and MinHo rock it (and Onew and Jonghyun join in).

    I thought the choreo would be more intense as well but I figured that that would take away from the vocal quality so I’m glad that they toned it down. Still, I really like this dance routine and I think that it actually gets better the more you watch it. *hint hint* Lol, don’t take me on – studying is way more important.

    Anyways, I’m really pleased that you enjoyed the performance ’cause I loved it! I can’t wait to see how they improve.

  15. candychu, you’re back!!! Yay!!!! I hope your exams went okay!

  16. ^HEYY :DD Oh my exams went terrible. I was super depressed yesterday even though I finished so I’ve avoided talking about them hahaha. I get results in about 2 mths. We’ll see what happens then :( Thanks for asking though <33

  17. Oh, I’m sorry for bringing it up then. Still I hope they went better than you think. ^^

  18. Lol no it’s not your fault :) I tried my best, that’s all that matters, I guess!



  20. ^HELLO THERE :DD I’ve friended you now, btw !!

  21. ho…………
    am shinee world ???
    am like song a,mi.g.o…….
    the dancing akhhhhhhhhhhhh??
    iz amazing ,,,

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