Posted by: lovediaries | October 30, 2008

LAEC Group on Facebook!

Yes, we now have a group! Simply search “Let’s All Eat Candy” and join our group! We’re feeling a bit lonely atm because it’s only me and beckery discussing our favourite type of candies XD.

None of us need worry about being stalked because we don’t need to be friends with each other to join and we can keep our privacy ^^ Anyone can start discussions, post items, videos, pics and we can just have fun – on facebook! Lol. It is, afterall, the “in” thing XD.

::EDIT:: Just wanted to make it clear that we won’t actually be updating on our group in FB. Unlike our LJ feed where LJ users can still have access to posts, FB users will still need to come onto this blog ^^”. But we created the group anyway just so we can discuss random things. Or if you just want to join another Group then there’s another one for you ;)


  1. Omg I feel embarrassed cos I know you

  2. Aha. I have an idea…

    I haven’t used facebook in a long time, but I need to log in to see this now!

  4. ^LOL WATS SO FUNNY? Yeah we were all playing around on FB (super poking each other lmao) and then this happened XDD

  5. Now I can do my time wasting all in one spot! \^o^/

  6. ^Lol there’s not much to do on our group though. No one is posting except for us writers XDD

  7. Hahaha. I was reading the discussion on favorite candy. It’s so random xDDD.

  8. ^LOL well did you join our group? ^^ You too can join in the randomness :D/

  9. WHOO! Look at meee, I made a facebook account just for this ^^ Just kidding, my friend bullied me into it. But YES I JOINED THE GROUP. And XDDDD Wow, these are some very deep conversations……….

  10. omfgsjkadherf
    you go to my school XDD

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