Posted by: beckery | October 30, 2008

Preorder Dongwan’s Single Album – Promise

I know I shouldnt be here, but this has to be posted ok haha XD

Preorder it at YESASIA Release date is 06/11.

This is his last release before he enters the army and its kinda a gift for his fans. Isnt that really sweet of him ♥ cuz leadershii didnt even release anything =_= hahaha I’m still bitter about it!

Anyways, the most exciting thing is that the title track – “Promise” is actually A DUET WITH YOUNHA!!!!! KFJLJLDSJFSFLKJS YES YES YES!! *weeps tears of joy* OMG I’ve been waiting for this ever since their duet of “Something Stupid“. The song is going to be absolutely amazing cuz they both have such powerful vocals gahhh ♥ I dont care what happens, they better do some live performances of this or I will positively kill someone haha…

[Track List]

1. Intro
2. Promise (Duet with Younha)
3. Can’t Forget
4. Promise Instrumental

After reaching the peak of the music industry within the last 10 years, Kim Dong Wan will be leaving us for a short while..
Containing his most sincere and heartfelt feelings, he will be releasing his single album “Promise”.

Through hits like “Handkerchief”, “It’s My Fault”, “Secret” and “A Man’s Love”, Kim Dong Wan – who has been recognised for his abilities as a singer – he will be leaving the music scene for the next 2 years but before that he will release his last single album before enlistment, “Promise”. Staying at the peak of his career until now, he has reflected on the time that has passed, and out of his gratitude to his fans, he is leaving the most sincere goodbye message through this single album.

The title track “Promise” is a song that expresses 100% the feelings of men and women who have fallen out of love, and is set to become another classic duet following “Regards” by Byul & Na Yoon Kwon and “He and She” by Vibe and Jang Hye Jin. Written by new songwriter Konan and hitmaker lyricist Ahn Young Min, the duet between Kim Dongwan and Younha is one to look forward to.

The song “Can’t Forget” has a gentle piano melody, which shows off Kim Dongwan’s expressively sorrowful vocals, is reminiscent of Jang Hye Jin’s “A Night in 1994”. This track is written by Kang Jiwon (who wrote Lee Seung Chul’s Loving You) and Hwang Sung Jin (who wrote Seeya’s Love Greeting and J-Walk’s Fox Rain).

As this is his last release before enlistment, it contains all the gratitude that Kim Dongwan wants to express to his fans, as well as the regrets he has towards them for the temporary departure. This is Kim Dongwan’s special present to his fans, which will be definitely remembered by fans.

Release Date: 11/6/08
Publisher: Loen Entertainment
Label: Loen Entertainment

Source: Lee’s Music / O6
Trans: happyheart@shinhwabiz / midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


  1. YES.
    and younha too, omg
    i’m gonna miss him so much :(


    Yes. I was soo happy too XD

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