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SHINee Reality Show Ep11 & 12


I’ll just leave the links now and I’ll bbl to edit! I watched Ep 11 while on my hiatus actually (the prank alskjflaksf) but not Ep 12 so I’m especially excited :DD The noona was Ga In from Brown Eyed Girls yeah? I’m glad it was her actually because I really like her ^^ (need to do a post soon on their “How Come” performances – I have been listening to that song since forever XD). Have you guys all seen the clip where she tells she’s the narrator? Then again, you all probably know if you watched the last ep XD.

Ep 11 – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Okay originally, I was downloading the HQ version but something happened and when I go to rejoin the parts it won’t work so now I can’t watch it T____T But I will still talk about the prank :)

I can’t believe it was Minho who decided to change the target to Key! 2Min exists lol! He so read Taemin’s mind; all he did was peek through the door and he was like “Taemin knows”. And how Taemin figured it out, I have no idea. Maybe the idea seemed a bit bizarre to him? And those noonas had poor acting xD It was sweet how he’s like “I’m actually not that popular” ^___^

Poor Key was completely clueless and it was so sad when they were shooting for the fake season 2 and he was off trying to cry while the others were introducing themselves as SHINee. It’s just not right with just 4 members! The whole prank was a bit confusing though. Like maybe cause of the cutting and editing we didn’t really get to see everything that happened and so their argument was all jumbled up too? IDK :(

The hugging and loving at the end was so cute. I especially loved Key’s “YAH!” after they popped confetti XD

Ep 12 – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

SHINee arrive at (a) “Noona’s villa” which looks absolutely awesome! I love how Taemin’s first reaction was “There’s a swing!” and Onew was the one to run up with him XD. They’re so freaking cute swinging on the chair together ^___^ Key plays around with the little cupid statue before they decide to go inside.

When they see all the photos the “stalker noona” took, they all reminisce. I still think Jonghyun and his noona were the most compatible. They were so sweet on their date and even he liked the playing in the fountain (lol wth I wrote mountain before XD). Though the wrist grabbing was a bit awkward ^^” The photo of Minho posing with his paintball gun thingy was HILARIOUS. And the music playing in the bg XD. Then suddenly someone comes up on the screen and Taemin is all :O. I love their surprised reactions except it is really creepy. It reminds me of Scary Movie 3? Was it? When they were doing the Ring…O.o Ga In tells the boys to do 3 things and after closing their eyes, they have to shout out “Mystery Noona”, then make a heart shape. OnKey were so unco, lmao. Minho’s heart was the best <3 After doing the 3rd thing, Ga In appears on the chair Onew and Taemin were on and starts walking towards the villa with a stick (since she’s holding the mask in front of her face). Taemin is suddenly all full of ideas and wants to scare Ga In when she walks in! Her reaction was so cute and she’s so cute and gahhhh ^___^ They immediately start playing “How Come” and Key dances along. I’ve learnt that dance too! Lol.

They get into their PJs and start their party. Onew wears baby pink pajamas and Key has a Minnie mouse on his leg LMAO XDD. Ga In prepared some tapes of the boys. The first is “Our Taemin has changed!!” The footage from the past episodes aren’t subbed unfortunately :( And I haven’t watched it enough to memorise the script lol but it’s interesting to see SHINee’s reactions at how much they’ve changed. Then they talk about how Key has a weakness for Taemin. Then it’s Jonghyun’s video called “Jonghyun’s scandal”. It shows all of Jonghyun’s touching and hand holding and how he wiped the ice cream off American noona’s mouth ^^. Funny how Jonghyun is all “I’m not uncomfortable talking to noonas” cause he must’ve forgotten about his terrible first date :P And they reveal that they sleep together (in the same bed) and use each others’ arms as pillow. Awww. I’d like a photo of that. When it’s Onew’s tape he asks “What if it’s a collection of me falling down?” LOL that tape would go on for hours XD. Instead it’s “My name is Onew condition” which is basically the same thing lol. He is SO MUCH FAIL, that boy. I think it was so cute when they rewatched Onew almost stacking down the stairs and Jonghyun was all concerned and said “He almost got hurt”. OnHyun <333 And Jonghyun also adds that “Onew’s condition is charming when you see it a lot.” It really is! Then Key’s turn! “The mike is my destiny” Apparently while they perform, their fans carry their own mics! That is so cute, I want to make one too :) Except I don’t really have anything to start me off…And last but not least, Minho’s video – “The drama was the easiest” I love how they show the clip of him playing soccer looking all cool and awesome and straight afterwards it’s him running around with the sheep XD. Oh the contrast. And I don’t agree with Onew saying his sword acted better than he did. Onew acted his scene well too!

Then Ga In gives them a mission where they have to call a noona and make her say the message on the pieces of paper. Onew has to call Jisun noona and make her say “I missed you”. And the conversation went just as he predicted! Jisun also adds “Only Onew has to do well” and even Minho cringed XD. Minho calls the gymnastics noona and his message is “Let’s Meet Now”. She sounded really surprised when he called her ^^ The memories must’ve flooded back lol. Minho tells him he was bored and lmao at Jonghyun and Ga In laughing at him XD. Except they really shouldn’t be laughing because Minho is clever! His message was hard and he still managed to get it out of the noona by lying he was near her university XD. But the noona must’ve been so disappointed cause she was about to make her way to the gate and hung up before they could tell her not to. Evil Minho is just cackling away!! Jonghyun gets his message too by lying so that his noona would offer to lend him money. Then Taemin asks what happens if they fail the mission and Key says they have to go into the fireplace LOL. When it’s Taemin’s turn to call his noona, her ringtone plays and everyone (including Minho!) starts dancing lol it’s really cute. Key accidentally laughs out loud and realised his mistake ahahaha. Taemin’s tactic isn’t as effective because his noona compliments him on everything but “you’re the best Yunhanam” XD. And aw I loved this noona! She realises what’s happening and first makes Taemin call her the prettiest. Is that not cute?? Sweet how they both knew what the other wanted ^^

Speaking of this noona, you guys should watch *THIS MV*. It’s by Brown Eyes called “Because of you” and she’s in the MV! BUT WHY DIDN’T KEY GET HIS TURN???? I have to go watch the BTS clips soon. Hopefully his was just cut and didn’t not happen :S

Ga In says she has another surprise for them and when SHINee go outside there are all the staff. Taemin sprints down the stairs and Key is all “Taemin you can’t go down that fast” and he and Jonghyun take their time, walking down like Queens XD. They have a whole award ceremony lmao. SHINee are really upset and the PD walks by saying “There will be a season 2” and they’re all “really?” and he goes “No it’s just Onew Condition” =.=””

“YunHaNam was SHINee’s growth” and “YunHaNam is SHINee’s strength” totally sum up the meaning of this show. Awwww!!! I’m so sad now.

I guess I’ll have to cling tightly onto “We Got Married” XD.


  1. It’s really sad that YunHaNam is over, all th happiness&laughter I had while watching this show, don’t forget sadness :( I will miss them all, SHINee hwaiting!

  2. ^I know :( But as long as they’re still busy with other things and we still get to see them then that’s okay ^^

  3. TT-TT I was so sad when I watched the last episode. This was actually my OMG LET’S GET AWAY FROM HOMEWORK thing of the week ^^ I actually had to watch the Minnie Mouse part over and over again before I actually saw that it was Minnie -__-
    This brings back memories… how much do you want to bet that I’ll watch the whole thing over again sometime over my next long break? XD

  4. ^I know :( They were all so sad too. Argh it must’ve been an unforgettable experience for them AND for the noonas. LOL rly? I saw it was Minnie Mouse straight away ^^ It was like the baby versions, yeah? I used to have all these colouring in books of them hehehe.

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