Posted by: lovediaries | October 30, 2008

Simple Manhwa (순정만화) trailer

{credit: sushimadness @ youtube}

LAKSJDLAKSJD I’m so excited for this movie! I absolutely love Lee Yeon Hee and I’ve been watching random cuts on Youtube from her series “East of Eden” except none of it has been subbed XD. She has such pretty (though sad) eyes and her dimple is so cute :DD

Anyway I’m excited to see Kangin in another movie too! It looks so cute and funny yes? Especially when Kangin’s being a pervert lmao. His character is 22 yrs old and I assume he ends up with Chae Jung Ahn who is 29. (LOOK beckery! What was I telling you about the trend of older women dating young guys??) THEY KISS TOO. I always thought Kangin was a really good kisser (judging from their Card Kissing Game) and it looks like we’ll finally see him in action LOL.

It comes out November 27th! That’s soon (sort of) !!

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