Posted by: lovediaries | October 31, 2008

081030 Brown Eyed Girls – How Come

{credit: jaeurazn1 @ youtube}

If you still haven’t heard this song, you really need to watch the MV (It’s subbed!). I’ll be honest though, when I first watched the MV I didn’t really like the song XD. I thought the choreography was too cute for what the girls were singing about and Miryo’s rap really annoyed me. But then afterwards I started watching performances of the song and I realised how ridiculously catchy the song was and how much I liked it!!! XDD.It’s catchy like Wondergirls catchy. So if you like Wondergirls I really think you’d like Brown Eyed girls, if not more :)

The two are often compared too because of their simple and addictive choreography. Apparently BEG have even slightly changed their style of music too? But since I haven’t listened to Brown Eyed Girls for that long, I don’t really know :P I do think they’re pretty underrated. Except that’s okay cause overrated groups put people off anyway, right?

So far none of the performances have completely WOWed me but this group is definitely talented and they can perform live better than some other groups xPP! Miryo’s rap still annoys me though when I listen to the studio version but not when I’m watching them LIVE. I don’t know if it’s her voice or the way she raps but she sounds extremely whiny and sarcastic, sort of.

While Yoobin’s voice is a lot lower than the rest of the other girls in Wondergirls, Miryo’s voice is a lot … harsher? IDK. Cause the other 3 have really soft voices so her rap really does contrast strongly. She gets two rap verses though so by the 2nd time you’re kinda used to her voice lol but every time I know it’s her rap I kinda wince a little XDD.


  1. Haha.. This song is starting to grown on me and yes, it’s addictive lol. Oh and the choreo is cute too ^^ with that little finger swing, reminds me of jewelry haha.

  2. ^Woot, yay! I’m glad you tried it out :) Didn’t BEG invent the ET dance too? XP

  3. ahaha.. yeah I keep replaying the mv though,, XDD
    oh, did they? I thought they only invent the L.O.V.E dance..
    and true that smtme the rap is kinda.. annoying XP but i think its smthing that makes her different rite? I mean all this time in women group the rapper seem to have to have low voice like yoobin and stephanie, so yea its okay we can get different style(?) now.. haha :D

  4. ^Hmm, I think you’re right. Even though it annoys me, I can’t help but listen to it anyway. It’s just, with boybands, the rapper’s voice never stands out as much as in girl groups XDD. But yeah, I see where you’re coming from ^^

  5. Yeah, it’s like Kpop boy/girl bands will not be complete within at least a rapper.. Kinda weird, huh?
    Where I’m coming from? Eh, I dont get what u mean here.. Srry :S

  6. ^Where you’re coming from as in I understand what you’re trying to say ^^.

  7. Aah.. like that *nod*
    this what you get if your mother languange isnt english.. *points to self* XD

  8. ^Lol that’s okay :)

  9. Pretty cool song, i didn’t like the first time either but now i can’t get enough of it.

  10. ^Awesome! I’m glad you like it ^^

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